Receive with Gratitude

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31).

Isn’t this so true? The goodness, very goodness, of our amazing world surrounds us. Pause for a minute and look. Listen. Touch. Taste. Drink. Inhale. Receive.

The natural resources, the abundant beauty, the stunning ongoing miracles uncovered by science, the rich diversity of plant and animal life: the myriad of good, very good, gifts from God surround us. Embrace us. Invite us. Bless us.

This is where “being green” begins for me, and for each of us who follow after our Lord:Seeing this wild and amazing world, the very life in our bones, as God’s good–very good–gift to us. And then receiving these gifts with profound gratitude and humility!

It is God who made us, and not we ourselves. It is God who made us and we are his.

And it is God who made the rocks and trees and skies and seas – God’s hands the wonder wrought.

And it is God who made tree frogs and humming bees, the mitochondria in our cells and the flaming stars flung across the heavens, the mighty redwoods and the quivering rabbits, the rich and the poor.

How is God’s good creation sustaining you today? Oxygen, water, food grown from earth’s soil, shelter crafted from earth’s resources, medicines honed from the elements God created, and so much more.

How is God’s good creation blessing you today—giving you a bit of goodness? Birdsong, refreshing breeze, waddling beetle, sweet-tasting honey, fresh-baked bread, much-awaited rain, opening flower, darting deer, the smile on a beloved human face.

Thank you, Oh God, for the myriad of gifts—the ongoing giving and abundant blessing—of this good, very good, world. Help us notice, receive, and cherish these gifts with soul-deep gratitude. Amen.   

Kelli B. Trujillo is the editor of Today’s Christian Woman. An award-winning writer, Kelli is the author of a dozen books including The Busy Mom’s Guide to Spiritual Survival and the Flourishing Faith devotional study series. Kelli’s passion is to help women encounter God in ways that fit the reality of their often-busy lives as wives, as mothers, as employees, as leaders, and more. You can connect with Kelli via Twitter at @kbtrujillo.

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03 Oct 2017

By Kelli B. Trujillo