Words that Make or Lose You Money in San Antonio Real Estate

As you may expect, individual words matter in your home listing.

After researching MLS listings posted over the last five years from a few of the most popular areas of San Antonio, including zip codes 78209, 78258 and 78260, we found a correlation between some specific words used and the average sold price of the home. Now, we want to share what we found to be some of the best and worst words to use when putting your home on the market.

Words that don’t work:

  • Great neighborhood – homes describing a “great neighborhood” in their listing got $44,482 less than the homes listed without it.
  • Great – this five-letter word was in home listings that sold for $43,252 less than their competition.
  • Awesome – homes marketed in the specified areas that used the word “awesome” in their listing received, on average, $33,222 less.
  • ! – an exclamation mark may not be a word, per se, but listings that contained this special character brought in $31,913 less than listings without it.
  • Fantastic – marketed homes that had the word “fantastic” in their description got $23,305 less than others in the area.
  • Spacious – “spacious” homes received $9,097 less.
  • Lovely – homes listings with the word “lovely” in them got $3,607 less than their competition.

So what words should you use?

  • Wood floor – homes described with a “wood floor” brought in $5,824 more.
  • Stainless steel – the words “stainless steel” in the description gave home sellers $12,546 more.
  • Granite – listings with “granite” received $64,286 more than others.
  • Media – when sellers used the word “media,” they received, on average, $96,356 more than their competition.
  • Remodeled – a home described as “remodeled” sold for $51,937 more than homes without the word.

Be specific! Notice a pattern in those dos and don’ts? Descriptive and specific words that highlight desired features of a home (like “granite,” “stainless steel” and “remodeled”) correlate to a higher sales price than words that are too general and generic (like “fantastic,” “spacious” and “awesome”).

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19 Feb 2017

By Energized Real Estate