Building Christ-Centered Marriages

San Antonio Marriage InitiativeThe San Antonio Marriage Initiative (SAMI) is a community of purpose – a Christian, volunteer, community based association focused on marriage whose goal is to network, equip, and mobilize the church community to strengthen marriages in the San Antonio area. We serve as a resource organization identifying best practices and resources, and collaborating with like-minded individuals who will deploy that knowledge throughout the local faith community.

Our Vision. To create a culture of strong marriages in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Our Mission. To help local churches develop marriage ministries that will build and strengthen Christ-centered marriages within their congregations.

Our Purpose. We are a resource organization, not an advocacy group. And while we are not participating in many of the “hot-button” issues of debate, neither are we values neutral. Our position is simply this, “We are a group of Christians who are passionate about marriage, believe the Holy Bible to be relevant, reliable, and true. We believe exactly what the Bible says”.

We Equip.
As part of our “Champion Churches” program, we hope to identify local congregations that are passionate about marriage and are willing to participate and partner with us to equip marriage ministries in local churches by working with clergy to prayerfully raise up lay leaders who will support marriages.

We Engage.
We are passionate about marriage and engage with anyone wanting to champion a cause for healthy marriages. We seek those that need assistance and listen to their story so we can intimately provide for the needs if possible and help prepare them to practice positive interactions with the people they are around and influence on a day by day basis thus supporting the branding of quality relationships.

We Resource.
As much as we desire to work alongside others to reach our goals, another important facet of who we are is the incredible resourcing we have available to share. From national speakers to local experts, we have so much provision that it can only be the hand of God that has blessed so much but not to keep within ourselves but to freely give to anyone supporting marriages.

We Connect.
Regardless of the need. we are always connecting someone to others that can meet specific needs within their ministries. Pastors, staff, or volunteers have benefited greatly from the wonderful collaboration between SAMI and all the partners. Connecting people is a significant endeavor and a large part of who we are.

In order to achieve the SAMI Mission, we will engage in the following:

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