ONE: True Healing Through Prayer and Community

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January 10, 2019 By Jennie Rosio

If you drive to a little home on West Olmos Drive located six minutes from the Alamo Quarry Market, you’ll find a place of quiet and rest and connection – and maybe even a miracle. When you enter, you might be offered coffee or green tea, smell the scented candles and hear soft strains of Lauren Daigle singing, “When I can’t stand, you carry me…” 

Best of all, you might feel like you are in the home of a good friend you’ve been missing for a long time. 

This ministry had been called “Christ Healing Center” since its inception in 2004. The small beginnings are chronicled on ONE’s website. It all began when Jack & Anna Marie Sheffield, Bitsy Rubsamin and friends knew that San Antonians were looking for a place to experience and process the power of Jesus to heal body, soul and spirit.  

Cayce Harris, Director of ONE
Cayce Harris, Director of ONE.

The movement’s name now is simply, “ONE.” The name is new, but the mission is the same.

The name “ONE” comes from John 17 – what Executive Director Cayce Harris calls, “The most powerful prayer ever prayed: that you and I would be one in the same way that Jesus and God are one. This is the foundation of everything that happens at ONE." Cayce says, “We all know that life can be noisy and complicated. Everyone wants a safe space to process life and hear God’s voice clearly.” At ONE, anyone can practice two-way conversations with God – talking to and hearing from God. This kind of prayer brings healing and freedom, according to teams at ONE who pray with hundreds weekly. “We are uniquely focused on helping people hear God’s voice and live Jesus’ prayer (John 17). We do this through prayer and classes on prayer and leadership,” Cayce explains. 

I am privileged to have been connected for a number of years to ONE, originally through Jack Sheffield and Bitsy Rubsamin. I have been blessed to get to know Cayce Harris and I love her heart and her leadership. I have been served personally by this ministry through one of their leaders, Rosalind Hervey, and I am very grateful. ONE touched my life and I am happy to support this amazing ministry so that they can touch others in our community.

Scott Barr Scott Barr
Steward of Southwest Exteriors 

ONE’S Director of Partnerships


Yet for locals, its reputation for physical healing tends to be quite overarching. Cayce says, “Some people call and say, ‘Can you guarantee that I’m going to be healed?’” Guests of ONE file in so regularly and in such numbers – about 200 a week – that when Cayce voiced her ministry needs to the Beacon, she did not hesitate to say, “we just need a bigger staff.” Cancer patients come; those who are processing daily life come; troubled teens come; little children come with their parents; broken-hearted wives and husbands come. In the various sessions offered throughout the week, the chance to work closely with trained volunteers and paid staff through real-life problems in a safe place draws a diverse crowd. Its non-condemning environment draws people of all ages, colors, and denominations; the rich and poor; the unchurched, the de-churched; the convinced and the skeptical.Jesus, it seems, is attracted to these people. Dramatic healings happen so often, Cayce says, “we really need to do a better job of keeping track of the stories. Every day someone tells us something incredible – it has become very normal to see healing and miracles happening. We see many people healed of cancer – and that’s when our guests are working with doctors. We work with the healing community of doctors in this town who are so wonderful. And we definitely have seen many doctors who say, ‘Things changed – when you all prayed.’”

ONE Prayer Team
ONE Prayer Team Leader Sonia Roper;
Longtime friend of ONE, Jeff Ryland;
CHC Cuero Executive Director, Angela Hamilton;
Nate and Kelly Troia, founders of Heart to Heart
prayer ministry.

According to Cayce, guests have written many profound comments on anonymous feedback forms at ONE. In answer to the question, “What benefit did you feel you received from your prayer time today,” comments have included: “Healing of the root of why I have felt not valued my whole life and why I’ve subjected myself to abuse.” And, “I learned so much. I learned that I have been believing lies from the enemy. Jesus showed me that I am free and He is always with me. I feel free and alive and ready to be in His kingdom.”

Peyton May, a young man attending the leadership class (which is by invitation and application only) is taking steps of faith to spark belief any time he can. Peyton says, “I love doing outreach. Whether I’m at church, whether I’m in the workplace, all this kind of blends together for me.” He strikes up natural conversations whenever he can and lets God take it from there. A former drug addict who was transformed dramatically after he came to Jesus just a few years back, Peyton said he recently enjoyed talking to a co-worker as they walked together. As they talked about her kids, he noticed that this woman was favoring her ankle. He asked if she was okay. “I’ve seen Jesus heal people through prayer,” he told her. “And you know, if that’s something you’re open to, I would love to pray with you, but if not, that’s totally fine. She opened up said “yes,” and almost immediately after a little prayer, her ankle became completely free of pain. 

Peyton’s joyful abandon and God’s supernatural healing are inspiring. Stories like Peyton’s can lead someone to understand why the above-mentioned caller would ask the ONE receptionist: “Can you guarantee that I will be healed?” Cayce says that while she empathizes with a question like that, ONE offers no such guarantee. “No, absolutely not, and that’s not what we’re going after.” As freeing as physical healing can be, Cayce says, “that is not our sole focus. We know where healing comes from – it comes from following the Healer. So all of our classes and our prayer times are focused on connection, and what it is to live as one with God. And that was Jesus’s prayer in John 17.”

I love the focus on John 17 unity and the plan for ONE to serve the entire community as a collaborative organization. ONE gives us all the opportunity to come together as the Body of Christ and work together in a way that glorifies God and leads others into a relationship with Jesus.

Scott Barr
Steward of Southwest Exteriors 

It was this concept of connection with Jesus which goes beyond walls which led to the name change from Christ Healing Center (CHC) to ONE. The word, “Healing” in the former name seemed to focus too much on physical healing. “Not that healing’s bad,” laughs Cayce. “It’s just that we’re not worshipping healing. We’re worshipping Jesus. And connection to Him will bring healing. And only He knows how to do that.” Also, says Cayce, the word, “Center” in the “Christ Healing Center” name denoted a physical building too much. The mission focus goes far beyond the boundaries of the property. It has to do more with the people in the building – and their willingness to go out of the doors and then reach people in their homes, businesses, and respective places of worship.  Jack Sheffield, above-mentioned Founder Emeritus of ONE, had said in a 2010 interview online, “Every church should be a healing center. We hope Christ Healing Center [now ONE] puts itself out of business.” 

ONE. Prayer. Healing. Freedom

Heart to Heart Prayer. Fridays, noon to 2:00 p.m. Bring pen and paper. Arrive early if you can. This prayer meeting is helpful for quieting voices of problem areas like anxiety, fear, depression, shame, and confusion.  

Connection Prayer. Tuesdays, 1:00 to 2:15 p.m. Helpful for connecting with Jesus through prayer in a deeper way. 

Awake. Wednesdays, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. Women sing, hear teaching, talk, and pray. 

Drop-in Prayer and Communion. Wednesdays, noon to one. Prayer, communion. Especially popular with men.  

Community worship night. Monthly. First Wednesday. 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Worship, brief teaching; prayer available.

High school life group. Mondays, 7:00 to 8:15 p.m. Meets at 216 Grant Ave., 78209. 

Prayer through art for kids. Weekly appointments available. Kids can express their prayers through Legos or paints.

Practical Prayer Class 101. TBA. Deepen knowledge of connecting to God’s voice in prayer.

Leadership Prayer Class 401. TBA. Learn to pray for others in a sensitive, powerful way. 

Caroline Behrens and her husband
ONE Kid’s and Family Coordinator,
Caroline Behrens and her husband
Brandon Behrens. Brandon and Caroline
lead a life group in their home for
high school kids and Caroline leads our
“Prayer Through Art” with kids program.

Cayce pointed out that most physical maladies are intertwined inexplicably with toxic emotions, like fear and shame. She referenced Don Colbert’s book, Deadly Emotions: Understand the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection that Can Heal or Destroy You, which says, “Researchers have directly and scientifically linked emotions to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diseases related to the immune system. Studies have also highly correlated emotions with infections, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.” Who knows what came first, says Cayce, or in what order? The emotion or the physical pain? “I don’t need to know that,” Cayce concludes. “But Jesus knows how to undo what’s been negatively done. So someone could come in and go, ‘I want healing for this physically,’  but the Lord gently puts His finger on something that He knows will lead them further toward deeper healing, saying, ‘Let me help you deal with the fear that is doing a number on your mind and body.’ Healing can come physically, but without tools that bring freedom to escape a toxic emotional lifestyle, we are missing a critical understanding of the ways that the emotional and spiritual are connected to the physical – they are inextricably linked,” says Cayce.

Pastor Aaron Carter
ONE supports the work of local pastoral
leaders. Aaron Carter, Pastor of Gruene
United Methodist Church with Cayce Harris,
Executive Director of ONE.

Sassy Ross, who lives in New Braunfels with her husband, Buddy, has a story which illustrates how ONE’s desire to grow beyond their San Antonio location plays out. Her story also beautifully portrays worship of the heart of the Healer Himself. Sally has stage four lung cancer. Doctors gave her, in the November of 2016, only six months maximum to live. 

At the time of this publishing, Sassy has beat that by 18+ months. “They’re not in charge,” she says of the professionals who estimated her post-diagnostic lifespan. It seems Someone with a higher purpose for her life is in charge, however. Sassy started attending ONE every Wednesday that she could. “Our first experience was amazing. It was very comforting. Through that process, I started to look around New Braunfels. There was no place to go and have prayer over you. So, I went to the church staff and told them my idea. They thought it was great; now we’re ready to launch, ‘Healing Hands,’ and start a once-a-week prayer time.” 

One Worship
Worship at ONE Christmas Family
Worship night in December.

Although Sassy and Buddy recently learned from her doctor that the experimental drug which seemed to be working would no longer be effective, she still maintains her connection with Jesus, and plans to keep extending her own hands to heal others in her community, regardless of whether she experiences total physical healing or not. That is simply the Spirit found at ONE and with those they serve – connection to God and each other which brings a healing of heart and a freedom in life that changes things forever.  


Be A Light.  

Pray – for Cayce and her staff to find just the right teams to handle the many guests coming for healing and direction; John 17 is a great blueprint for your prayers here. Give – ONE plans on expanding their mission’s capacity logistically when funds are in place. Attend – classes to enhance your own prayer life, or equip yourself to become a volunteer there.

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Written by

Jennie Rosio

Jennie Rosio is an independent professional writer in San Antonio, and editor of The Beacon.


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