A personal letter and invitation from Max Lucado

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October 28, 2020 By Duke Jonietz

PraySA is led to host another prayer event this Sunday 11/1/20. A personal invite from Max Lucado follows.

Read the article about their last event HERE.


October 27, 2020
Dear friends of Jesus,
These are such uncertain times. The pandemic. The political turmoil. Economic uncertainty. Job insecurity. I have never seen such a season.

Our God is shifting the atmosphere. He is actively shaking this planet and stirring His church. While many people are stepping back, we must step up. We must respond in prayer.

I’d like to invite you to join us as we continue to seek God with our whole hearts in prayer and worship this coming Sunday at San Pedro Springs Park at 3:00 pm. We met last Sunday and witnessed the hand of God move mightily in ways that we never imagined.

I just received this text from Pastor Luis Chipatecua, a long-time prayer warrior in our city. “I felt that this particular gathering at the park was different than the prior because there was a spiritual atmosphere of cleansing of our souls and brokenness in many hearts. I saw many people moved to tears. Also, the park represents a key place to continue conquering our city and being there was very relevant. Count on my support for next Sunday.”

We felt called to re-assemble together for another consecrated time of prayer.

Do you feel called to join us? Please seek the Lord and, if He so directs, join us at the park.

This Sunday will be an in-person prayer gathering only. There will be no online streaming. Please do not come if you have any pre-existing conditions. And, of course, do not come if you have COVID.

If you come, you can expect extended times of prayer, wonderful worship and messages from local pastors from across the city.

If you can’t come, no worries. We will keep you posted as to future events.
Max Lucado

P.S. Lawn chairs, blankets, and umbrellas are recommended for your comfort.

Please visit www.praysa.org for more details.




I am still in awe!! It was awesome to be in His sweet presence with fellow born again believers- all together! Awesome! 

I’m sure the pastors, as well as everyone there, have moving testimonies to share. For me, there was a moment when one of the pastors spoke something like father’s hearts turning to their children and the children’s hearts turning to them and it felt like out of nowhere my eyes started stinging, my heart dropped and I just said yes and started crying. It was such a tender yet powerful shift. Another time that stood out to me was after the lady pastor had repented for Nigeria. Those moments after she spoke, when we all were able to “quiet” together with Jesus, in such peace, were amazing!! Then, when Max and Gene called us in closer to worship, I just bowed to our Lord on my knees and put my head on the ground. It was like Holy Spirit blanketed over me. 

I took deep, slow breaths, felt my heart beating and a heard a little bit of the piano playing. It was awesome. 

I didn’t want to move. My whole body felt tingly. 

Finally, I felt led by Holy Spirit to move. The thought came to me that I had no idea what was going on, I may have been the only one on the ground. And as I looked up, all the people in front of me were bowing on the ground and as I looked further up, all the pastors were on the stage and were bowing together as well. Wow!!! Did God do something special or what?!?!  And then when Max said he felt led to come back on Sunday, I asked Holy Spirit if I could come too. So, yes! I’m planning to come with my family.


Written by

Duke Jonietz

Duke Jonietz has served in ministry in San Antonio for more than 25 years. He has a big heart for our community and a vision to see city-wide transformation. He is the Co-Publisher of The Beacon.


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