Breaking barriers to reveal the truth of the Lord

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April 11, 2019 By Inez Kirchner

What do you thirst for?

This is the defining question and the anchoring scripture at the Still Water Camps in Blanco, Texas and Harper, Texas.

For 18 years, more than 12,000 campers have encountered this question and for some, the question leads to meeting Jesus for the first time.

Still Water Camps offer high-quality youth camp experiences despite income, background, or walk in faith. “Eleven summers ago, I started as a camper, and Still Water is how I came to know the Lord,” says Dempsey Warren, Still Water’s Director of Marketing and Ministry Development. So goes the story of many of the youth Still Water has reached, with nearly 50 percent of its high school staff made up of former campers.

“This is more than just about money. We can paint a diverse picture of God’s kingdom.” 

– Dempsey Warren, Director of Marketing and Ministry Development

Jasmine Jacob was also eternally changed at Still Water. “The Lord used Still Water to show himself five years ago. Still Water has brought me people who teach me how to love and who walk life with me. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing through this ministry,” she says.

Still Water began in 2001 with one boys’ sports camp at a rented facility and has since expanded to include a home of their own, Knott Creek Falls, and various camps offering sports, adventure and leadership skills for girls and boys aged 6-18. The camp challenges every camper to engage in God’s Word and self-reflection to discover strengths and encourage others.

“It’s why I have such a big heart for this ministry; I’ve seen the eternal ramifications of providing a safe place for everyone.”

 – Dempsey Warren, Director of Marketing and Ministry Development

Christians and non-Christians are invited and welcome to the camp that is highly intentional in its faith-based programming and activities. “We certainly don’t water down the truth of the Lord,” says Dempsey. “Whether the kids can directly spot it or not, everything is tied to the gospel.” Daily activities include prayer, Bible study, sports lessons connected to scripture, and even the “Golgotha Run.” With two-by-four planks on their backs, the shadow of the cross is reflected as campers participate in this run. Through this experience, campers identify strongly with Jesus’ crucifixion and sacrifice for them. All campers receive a clear invitation to accept Christ. They’re given additional guidance to navigate the Bible and walk in their faith after camp. Still Water is moving into a campus ministry that is interacting with and encouraging students throughout the year. 

“We certainly don’t water down the truth of the Lord,”   says Dempsey. 

“Whether the kids can directly spot it or not, everything is tied to the gospel.”

Bridging the gap between the “haves and have-nots” is a pillar of the mission. According to the Still Water Camps website, more than 1.5 million children and teens are living in poverty in Texas and more than 65,000 children and teens are confirmed victims of child abuse. To address these and other social issues, Still Water ensures that 50 percent of campers are self-paid, and 50 percent of campers attend on scholarship each week. The camp works with local afterschool programs and other nonprofit ministries where students are invited to learn more about the camp. “Neither the gospel nor sin discriminate,” says Dempsey. “This is more than just about money. We can paint a diverse picture of God’s kingdom.” Anyone can sponsor a camper for a weeklong camp for $600.

At Altitude Trampoline Park, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to the community which supports us. The sheer numbers of customers we serve puts us in a high-profile position in our city. This enables us to make a difference. We serve children and support positive social growth and active entertainment. Still Water reflects these same values. I admire their efforts and encourage others to join Altitude in supporting their cause.”    
Lane Hudson,Owner Altitude Trampoline Park

The camp’s history is filled with stories of campers from all walks of life. Together, they see how their similarities outweigh their differences and leave camp with a life-changing perspective. Dempsey and her best friend that she met from camp came from entirely different sides of the economic spectrum. Years later, they both work in ministry and have been part of each other’s major life milestones. “It’s great to be in the front row and see what God has done in her life,” says Dempsey. “It’s why I have such a big heart for this ministry; I’ve seen the eternal ramifications of providing a safe place for everyone.”

Campers pray at the cross during the Golgotha Run.
Campers pray at the cross during the Golgotha Run.

As Still Water grows, goals include investing in even more kids year-round through campus ministry and enhancing their adventure camps. On-campus activities, sponsored by public school teachers and coaches include “Chalk Talks” and Bible studies consisting of games, skits, and walking through the gospel.

As a father, I see my children are influenced by being a part of something bigger than themselves. Still Water offers this opportunity. In listening to the stories of young people whose lives were touched by their experience at Still Water, I was moved by their efforts and touched by the number of lives they are changing. Supporting Still Water offers us a unique opportunity to contribute to an organization that has proven results in changing the trajectory of the future leaders of our community.” 
Lane HudsonOwner Altitude Trampoline Park

Still Water will also focus on securing more church and school partnerships. “Partnerships with schools and churches are so essential to us because they help us find the kids who need scholarships and give us resources like volunteers,” says Dempsey. Each camp season, Still Water fills more than 300 staff and volunteer roles.  Many campers and staff come back to Still Water year after year.  There’s an 80 percent staff return rate. This enables campers and camp leaders to grow together.

“We see kids with custom-embroidered swim trunks alongside kids who can’t afford sheets come together to become best friends,” says Dempsey. “This is an opportunity to expose campers and volunteers to all different kinds of lives in a controlled, safe environment. We provide an experience to kids who wouldn’t normally have it, and see how God cares so deeply about all of them.”

There is still room to book your children. And there is always time to send a child to camp through a scholarship. Let’s make this year Still Water’s best year ever!

Still Water Camps logo

Still Water Camps
624 N Main, Boerne, TX 78006
1 (888) 361-2631

Be A Light.

Donate. Sponsor a camper for $600 per weeklong camp! Change a life forever. Online: at the orange “donate online” button. Still Water cannot operate without donations. Volunteer. Each camp season, Still Water fills more than 300 staff and volunteer roles. Encourage a young adult to apply. Visit and find the summer staff tab. Sign up. Parents of non-scholarship campers can register campers. Anyone can learn more about the unique weeklong, faith-based camps at Summer camps begin in June 2019. Nominate for a scholarship. If your ministry, nonprofit, church, or school supports youth, contact Still Water to partner and nominate kids
for a camp scholarship. 

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Written by

Inez Kirchner

A native of San Antonio, passionate about telling stories and helping others find their voice. She has been writing for corporations and non-profits for more than a decade.

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