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“Tell Your Story” Faith and Work, Mr. W Fireworks


With the Mr. W Fireworks family company at risk, Vice President Kelley Martinez started a prayer event called, “Work as a Family, Pray as a Family.” It was meant to encourage employees and their families to come together to pray for the business and... Read full article

Are You Investing Your Life or Spending It?


For over 30 years, Biblical Leadership for Excellence (BLE) has helped and trained thousands from all walks of life in San Antonio and beyond learn to authentically integrate faith and the hope of the Gospel into their God-ordained every day workplac... Read full article

Leaders Working to Transform the City


There is a reason our society is in a downward spiral. Christians are not leading in the seven spheres that shape our culture, leaving a godless vacuum. But there is hope as local leaders are meeting to retake and reshape our society in San Antonio.... Read full article