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July 17, 2019 By Inez Kirchner

Small school. Big mission. Godly impact. 

When you pair world-class academics with a higher calling, the results are not only students prepared for college and a career, but students who’ve become servant leaders for Christ. Crestmont Christian Preparatory School is creating academic discipleship. Its values are as invested in education as they are in cultivating real-life learning outside the classroom and a heart for Jesus. 

Formerly Summit Christian Academy, the school was established in 2008 and served elementary and middle school students. Ryan Leininger, a founding parent and current Crestmont board member president, noticed his kids were worn out and stressed with the fast-paced nature of the public school model. "We were frazzled, too," says Ryan. "Only during Christmas break did we find our now-rested kids were back to their old selves and that peace and calm had returned to our home." The Leiningers, along with other families, were searching for an alternative — one that offered more control over the learning pace without sacrificing educational excellence. 

Students wear uniforms on school days, and are allowed to wear Spirit Shirts on special occasions.
Students wear uniforms on school days, and
are allowed to wear Spirit Shirts on special occasions.

Crestmont's university model offers a high-quality curriculum for a successful academic career, all while integrating Christian truths and disciplines. Families value the flexible schedule which is like that of home schooling, along with the structure, accountability and social community found at a private school. "I found I could be the primary influence in the growth and development of my children while being led and supported by a professional teaching staff in a school environment," says Ryan. "It kept the quality high but slowed the pace, so we could truly guide our children as they grew."

The school’s recent revisioning led to renaming it — and opening its doors to high school students. "Our goal is to have students for their entire academic career," says Beth Miller, Administrator and Principal. Its spirit and purpose remained the same: to create a college preparatory program that raises students and families to be disciples of Jesus. "It's amazing to see students who firmly know who they are in Christ," says Beth.

Crestmont is a Certified University-Model® School, holds an AdvancED accreditation and provides dual college credit. (AdvancED is a nonprofit accreditation agency providing on-site reviews.) Upon graduation, students can receive their high school diploma and associate's degree at the same time. 

Serving less than 100 students, Crestmont intentionally keeps a low teacher-to-student ratio. "Our teachers truly get to know the students and their families," says Beth. "This close relationship helps our teachers to enhance their students' strengths and speak into their weaknesses." In addition to high-quality academics, sports, and electives, Crestmont students attend chapel, student-led worship and formal Bible classes.

The primary instruction of new information takes place on campus with our qualified educators.  Satellite day work is intended to reinforce or extend the learning.
The primary instruction of new information takes
place on campus with our qualified educators. 
Satellite day work is intended to reinforce or
extend the learning.

Learning is divided between classroom and home days. The schedule gives parents an active role in their child's training, education and fellowship. "The collaboration between our teachers and our parents is such a key value," says Beth. "The culture we've built is deeply rooted — parents are expected to participate." 

Crestmont's qualified teachers develop curriculum, provide learning techniques and guide parents through co-teaching at home. "We remove many of the challenges related to traditional home school programs or co-ops," says Beth. "Parents don't have to come up with lesson plans or creative or innovative ways to present information. We provide everything for them." 

Crestmont also encourages "enrichment," or students pursuing passions and adventures outside the classroom. "We have students who work. Another student is pursuing his pilot's license and yet another is competing in robotics," says Beth. With the flexible school schedule, many Crestmont families travel, compete in stock shows or simply have more time to focus on what's important to them as a family. 

At Covenant, we are all about great families. Our children are students at Crestmont. We love that Crestmont offers a high-level education and aligns with our beliefs that the foundation for success lies in the importance of faith and of Christ. Crestmont is truly about faith, family, and a great education. We support their efforts wholeheartedly!” Chris and Lezley Webb

Chris and Lezley Webb, Owners, Covenant Pest Control  


Crestmont students and staff gather for a break from classes.
Crestmont students and staff gather for a break
from classes.

A defining characteristic that draws families to Crestmont is how invested teachers and parents are in their students' academic experience. "We are a school run by professionals, but supported by families," says Beth. On any given day, you can find parents volunteering at lunch duty or planning a social event. "You don’t often see that kind of balance done well, but Crestmont has been successful," says Beth. Crestmont hopes to collaborate with more families and serve as many as 200 students in the future. "It's not the easiest way to educate your kids," says Ryan. "But, after 11 years, I can say it's absolutely worth it."

Crestmont asks students who they want to be for God and their community, not just themselves. "Their faith is their own," says Ryan. "We don't just want to teach them what to think, but rather how to think for themselves, so they know how to navigate the challenges and questions of life."

"Some of our greatest accomplishments are seeing who these students are becoming and how they're applying what they've learned to help people," says Beth. "We're not just educating them for the here and now, but for who they become in the world after they graduate."

We would encourage you to think about the future of the children in our city. They are the ones who will one day impact our community through their decisions and their values. We appreciate that Crestmont will provide them with the necessary tools to help them as our future leaders. Please contact Beth to set up an individual discovery meeting and take a tour. Crestmont will be good for your family.” Chris and Lezley Webb

Chris and Lezley Webb, Owners, Covenant Pest Control  


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Be A Light.

Pray. Ask God to give Crestmont the community support and visibility it needs to reach more families and continue serving Christ through academic discipleship. Donate. Become a sponsor in Crestmont's largest annual fundraiser Shoot for Success. Learn more at Crestmont's website. Enroll. Schedule a tour or learn more at and


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