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May 25, 2019 By Written with Denise Marcos

Enucia 'Lynne' Salinas Cruz gets a new chance at love and creating successful businesses


When I looked at him, I saw my forever. We were high school sweethearts. We married in 1987 and in 1988 we welcomed our baby girl. But shortly after, something had changed and the verbal abuse began. At first, I thought, “it’s my fault.” But it happened again. He shoved me up against the wall, apologized and promised to not do it again. I forgave him. But that wasn’t the last time. My bruised body and unconscious state became my new normal. It was then I told myself to love him harder, and that if I couldn’t change him, I’d join him. He introduced me to cocaine. Two years into doing drugs, our house was raided, and I was arrested.

Richard and Lynne stand by one of their CS Services and Logistics, LLC signs. It's one of the three businesses God gave them to steward.
Richard and Lynne stand by one of their CS Services
and Logistics, LLC signs. It's one of the three businesses
God gave them to steward.

While incarcerated I fell to my knees, crying and praying to God for freedom. I was looking at a 25-year sentence. But the court declared no findings and I was set free. I considered it luck. But now realize, I received God’s grace—He gave me a second chance. 

Six years after that day, in the summer of 1995, I met Richard. We fell in love and were married. But when we went through a rough season, I thought I was going to lose my second marriage. Hopeful I’d get things right this time, we joined Hosanna Baptist Church in Poteet, Texas in 2013. The Lord heard my cries and our marriage blossomed into a love only possible through God. 

The Armor Shield Logistics team
The Armor Shield Logistics team is now run by
Richard and Lynne's other family members.

Within the first year as a new Christian, the Lord blessed me and our marriage. Then we opened our first business: CS Services and Logistics and Blanco Creek Farms. We wore many hats and did everything to become successful. We were able to supply a large Texas grocery chain. Our business grew and in 2017 we founded our second company, Armor Shield Logistics which is now run by our other family members. God continued to use us to do his work and in 2018, we opened Diligent Employment Solutions, a company working with individuals who have recovered from drug and alcohol abuse. 

Early in my life, I knew about God but I did not know Jesus personally. It is through the Lord’s mercy that I have been blessed with a second chance. Turn your life to God and He will show you your purpose. Don’t seek the world for happiness. God is your answer. He will do more than you can ever think, dream or imagine! 

Written with Denise Marcos

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Written with Denise Marcos


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