From humble beginnings to 350 downloads on smartphone apps per day


Verse By Verse Ministry International: from humble beginnings to wide outreach Far reaches of the earth – and your phone: now destinations for deep Bible teaching from VBVMI.... Read full article

God will make our love enough.


Leslie Leyland Fields is a wonderful study in irony. A New Englander living in Alaska. A poet surrounded by burly fisherman. A gentle soul encircled by the wild waters of the Pacific. A college professor who is equally adept with metaphors and salmon... Read full article

The Justice Foundation Continues the Battle to Overturn Roe v. Wade


2019 marks the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s historic ruling in the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal and accessible to women throughout the U.S. “Just like slavery and communism, abortion will end, in God's time.... Read full article

God has a plan for every tragedy

by Terri Wright on

It’s been a tough few weeks. We could probably all use some “good news” about the goodness and love of our great God right about now. Romans 8:28 reminds us that in ALL things, He works for the good on behalf of those who love Him. ... Read full article

From South Africa, with love: A vision to end child neglect in San Antonio


LIV San Antonio: A vision to end child neglect in our city The Lugos explain how South Africa’s innovative vision could one day be San Antonio’s reality. ... Read full article

A divided America: 3 responses for Christians

by Ronnie W. Floyd on

Government cannot fix us. Politics will never heal us. Those who follow Jesus Christ and identify themselves as Christians need to understand and believe the first two sentences of this article or you will live a highly disappointed life. ... Read full article

Will your business survive


Take a deep breath. Now one more. Look up and raise your hands in surrender to the King of Kings. After all, most of us and our businesses have not lived through a time quite like this. ... Read full article

God's ancient answer for racism

by Max Lucado on

Recent racially charged incidents including the tragic death of George Floyd have stirred ensuing riots and torn open the rawest of wounds–racism. Judging a person according to skin color is an ancient sin. For that reason, God gave this ancient solu... Read full article

Providence Place returns to their roots.


Formerly a brothel in downtown San Antonio, Providence Place owner Madame Volino was inspired to transform her business into a home for wayward girls. Plot twists and transformation define the beginning and journey of what Providence Place has become... Read full article



BOCA RATON, Fla. – Oct. 23, 2017 – Picture a child unwrapping her first gift ever: a box of toys, games, stuffed animals--even a note from a new American friend. Multiply that by 60,000, and you’ve got Box of Joy 2017. Now in its fourth year, and cap... Read full article