YOUR VOTE: A faith-based platform to help inform your decision


The Beacon would like to help you cast your ballot as an informed Christian citizen.... Read full article

Hey Churches, Let’s Tackle The Foster Care Crisis


November is National Orphan Month. What a better time to fulfill our Biblical call to care for the orphan. South Texas Alliance for Orphans is bridging the gap between the church community and the overburdened foster care system so that children in f... Read full article

Lighthouses of Prayer continues to transform lives through pandemic

by Denise R. Marcos on

San Antonio nonprofit Lighthouses of Prayer International continues to persevere despite recent hardships. Pastor Gene Loeffler of River of Life Church and president for LPI is optimistic the community will continue to overcome. ... Read full article

Happening in the church. Trinity Baptist Church.


Happening in the church. Trinity Baptist Church. Each church's DNA is unique. God is working in His church.... Read full article

Reconnect at Christmas


Christmas can be one of the most romantic and meaningful seasons of the year for couples - especially in San Antonio. Prominent travel magazines often bestow the Alamo City the honor most romantic city in the U.S. Our backyard is a sparkling goldmine... Read full article

Happy Father's Day - Favorite Lines of Dads


There seems to be a universal, timeless lingo among fathers. Here's a collection of some of those sayings...... Read full article

October is Pastor Appreciation Month


Read Pastor Luis Molina’s story about God and His intervention in our lives. You don’t have to be an evangelist to share Christ. Our monthly feature encourages you to just share your story with others!... Read full article

The faith story of Gateway of Hope


Imagine having no health insurance and literally no money. Imagine having as an only income what was panhandled on the corner — and that’s lunch. Lunch for today, anyway. Now add an unplanned pregnancy to the equation. ... Read full article

From Being in prison to ministering in prisons. A miraculous story of redemption


Tell Your Story: From pimping, drugs and prison — a light breaks through and God takes a man from being in prison to ministering inside prisons. ... Read full article

For parenting in the digital world: nextTalk


nextTalk. For parenting in the digital world Mandy Majors bravely spearheads an effort to help parents engage their kids in sensitive topics.... Read full article