Four Reasons Why We May Not Be Giving


According to the Barna Research Group, 17 percent of American adults claim to tithe, but only 6 percent actually do. ... Read full article

S.O.S. by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

by Lisa Burkhardt Worley on

The universal distress signal is S.O.S. It is Morse Code and not an acronym, but everyone knows what it means. Over the years, however, some people have turned it into an acronym: “SAVE OUR SHIP,” so if that’s the case, what is on your ship that you ... Read full article

The Justice Foundation selected to receive a Google grant


GREAT NEWS! AND A REQUEST FOR HELP I have some incredible news to share. The Justice Foundation has been selected to receive a Google grant for free advertising of $10,000 a month for a year. The first priority of this advertising will be used to sup... Read full article

Two of the most powerful words — I can't

by Mike Sharrow on

A major decision for anyone reading this article is whether you will truly be a “faith-driven” (as in the very engine, operating system, fuel, source) or a “faith-inspired” entrepreneur. ... Read full article

Southwind Fields: Where Every Person Has a Purpose


Chris has big dreams. Affectionately known as “superman” by those who love him, he wanted more out of life than what he found as a young man on the Autism spectrum in a small town in South Texas. ... Read full article

Thy Kingdom Come…at Work?


Why don’t people say “TGIM?”  TGIF (Thank Goodness it’s Friday!) is a popular exclamation for those longing for the end of a work week and “real life” to begin.  When I tell people how excited I am for Monday – TGIM – I get responses suggesting I am ... Read full article

God is not a Democrat nor a Republican


Recently, five black spiritual leaders rallied at Faith Outreach Center International to reason with their listeners so they’d consider keeping biblical values in mind when voting for 2020 political candidates.... Read full article

Healing mind, body and spirit


Divine Awakening: Healing mind, body and spirit Alicia Bryan’s revelation in the West Texas mountains leads her to start the Divine Health Center. ... Read full article

Breaking barriers to reveal the truth of the Lord


Still Water Camps: Breaking barriers with our youth Status doesn’t matter at Still Water. Best of all, it’s a place where kids find what they are thirsting for.... Read full article

Helping you hear God's voice at home


Perhaps now, more than ever, hearing from God is important. We believe we all have a unique opportunity to strengthen our intimacy with our Savior, receive clear direction in the midst of chaos and receive His peace in the storm. ... Read full article