Articles in Faith

3 Reasons You Should Be Happy Salvation is God’s Free Gift to You


The Bible is clear: salvation or eternal life with God is something God gives you absolutely free. No strings attached. No conditions. This fact completely flies in the face of human nature.... Read full article

4 Keys to Discovering the ‘Good Life’


Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Chuck Colson, who has written a new book, The Good Life: Seeking Purpose, Meaning and Truth in Your Life. We spoke about the paradoxes involved in living the “good life.” They are paradoxes because...... Read full article

Crumbs: Letting Go, Looking Up and Finding Your Very Best Life


We’re so busy scraping for crumbs that we won’t look up and see the better thing that God is holding out to us.... Read full article

Praying in Color


"Sometimes when I’m praying it’s helpful to grab a handful of colored pens or sharpies and kind of doodle and jot down words. It helps me to stay focused, to listen, and to really dwell in my thoughts and feelings...."... Read full article

Christ Together Movement


One of the most important elements of city-wide success is a selfless unity amongst the people. Many church leaders have come together in San Antonio to create an initiative called “Christ Together.”... Read full article