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Words that Make or Lose You Money in San Antonio Real Estate


We want to share what we found to be some of the best and worst words to use when putting your home on the market.... Read full article

Planning For College


We have two daughters, and we’ve started thinking about financial planning for college. What are the differences between...... Read full article

Yes, You Can Increase Your Likelihood of Success When Picking a Real Estate Agent


What should a home seller or buyer do today when he wants to choose a real estate agent?... Read full article

“Tell Your Story” Faith and Work, Mr. W Fireworks


With the Mr. W Fireworks family company at risk, Vice President Kelley Martinez started a prayer event called, “Work as a Family, Pray as a Family.” It was meant to encourage employees and their families to come together to pray for the business and... Read full article

The devil is a thief – is he stealing from your church?

by Lee Ann Crockett on

It was 2017 when I received a call from a Pastor inquiring about my bookkeeping business. At that time, I was serving a wide variety of businesses. I knew from the tenor of his voice that there was something wrong.... Read full article

Five Habits to Increase Your Net Worth


According to the Federal Reserve, the net worth of households and nonprofits rose to $86.8 trillion during the fourth quarter of 2015. Did your net worth go up as well? If you don’t know the answer, then you can incorporate these five habits... ... Read full article

5 Money-Saving Strategies for New Parents.


Welcoming a new child into the family is a joyous occasion for all, but the additional expense associated with a new bundle of joy can also be a big worry for some parents, especially in this economy. A recent survey found that the average American f... Read full article

Dave Says - Common Sense Calculation


I make $80,000 a year, and I was wondering if there’s an easy way to determine how much money a person would need to live comfortably after retirement.... Read full article

Home Improvements That Don't Break The Bank


One thing Energized Real Estate stresses to our home-selling clients is that their home needs to be market ready when it is listed. To do this we stress they don't have to put thousands of dollars into...... Read full article

Is it Okay to Tithe My Time Instead of My Money?


Let’s set the scene: You attend church, read your Bible, and try your best to follow Jesus—you even tithe regularly. But money’s been tight. Either you’re throwing every dime you’re earning at your debt, or you’re in the middle of a difficult work se... Read full article