Gateway of Hope gives mothers a chance at restoration

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October 21, 2020 By April Lynn Newell

A Chance at Restoration

Women Experience God Moving in Development of Maternity Home

As God filled one woman’s heart with a desire to save babies, He filled another with a desire to save mothers. Little did these two women know how soon their desires would be connected and flourishing.

Mary Boyd was making big decisions about restoring a building in Comanche, Texas, while in another town Stephanie Wade was praying fervently against abortion over their region. Less than a year after meeting each other at a prayer gathering, Gateway of Hope Comanche(GOHC) was born.

Gateway of Hope Comanche gives new mothers a chance at restoration

While located in Comanche, Texas, GOHC will begin to serve San Antonio residents in the coming months. There are people in the community who will need the ministry’s home and love. San Antonio’s diverse and populous city will give Gateway of Hope Comanche the opportunity it needs for growth and development to continue to support its ministry efforts. 

“I clearly had an experience of divine intervention,” Boyd, founder of Gateway of Hope Comanche, said. “I owned the building that Gateway of Hope Comanche is in for a long time; I was remodeling it as a bed and breakfast when I got this riveting message that I was supposed to open that building for homeless, expectant moms—a safe place for them, to train them, educate them and allow them to stand on their own two feet keeping their babies. It was about saving the babies.”

When ministries collaborate instead of compete, we are able to make a much larger impact on our community. As a men’s ministry, we do not have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of young women, but Gateway of Hope fills that gap in such a huge way. Gateway of Hope’s meaningful relationships and practical assistance are the Christ-like compassionate response to a young woman who feels alone, helpless, and hopeless. We encourage you to support their efforts! ” 

— Brodie Cooper, Executive Director, Blast & Cast Men’s Ministries

Meanwhile, not so far away, Wade was praying and felt an urgency to disciple mothers. She was not sure what her calling meant. Then she met Boyd and their desires to help expectant mothers melded into ministry.

“I was meeting with a group of women in my hometown, praying for our surrounding cities. As we began praying against abortion, God told me I was going to need to disciple women in how to raise their children in the Lord,”  Wade said. “We want to save the baby’s life, but we also want to save the mom’s life. I know the one true answer is Jesus, so discipling is a major part of this [program] for these moms to be successful and kingdom-minded.”

Once they connected, Gateway of Hope Comanche was formed in six months and their first resident moved in during the month of December 2019.

“It was a miracle and divine appointment that the Lord brought Mary and I together,”  Wade said. “But being in the home has blessed me, [too]. Seeing how God puts everything together is amazing.”

Boyd experienced another divine intervention at a business event when she ran into a colleague and his wife. This couple had experience with maternity homes in another state and were very interested in helping Boyd with Gateway of Hope Comanche.

Gateway of Hope baby in play

Boyd recalled her encounter with them and their eagerness to learn about the ministry she had not even named yet. Not long after the event, the couple was making a way for Boyd and a group of ladies to visit other maternity homes in Massachusetts. Wade and another of group visited homes in Texas. Through their visits they gained knowledge to help decide just how they wanted to run Gateway of Hope Comanche—a nonprofit, privately-funded, organization with a focus on the Gospel.

“He later gifted us seed money to get staff and Gateway of Hope Comanche off the ground,” Boyd said. “We can accommodate a lot of women, we just needed to get our feet under us, and I feel like we’re there.”

Gateway of Hope Comanche is open and ready for any expectant mothers. One came to GOHC with earnest. Her son was immediately placed with Child Protective Services once he was born and she has worked diligently with the two organizations to gain custody. The miracle, however, happened while she still held him in her womb and prayed for a place of hope.

“It wasn’t just us ladies in Comanche praying, it was those who were needing this place, praying for it, too,” Wade said. “It’s amazing to see someone come from the bottom and see the Lord work in her life so much. It’s so encouraging to see what is happening in these women.”

When your community supports your business, we feel it is our responsibility to give back to our community. It is apparent Stephanie, and her husband Richard, are sold out for Jesus and for those they serve. They are changing lives. This makes supporting Gateway of Hope an easy decision. We invite you to learn more about this amazing ministry and support their efforts too.” 

— David and Lyndall Vaughn, Owners Vaughn Motors

Consistent mentorship and devoted time are what set Gateway of Hope Comanche apart. A mom and her child can remain in the home for up to three years.

“It took me three years to see my own transformation and to really understand and have confidence. We don’t rush through classes to be done in one year,”  Wade affirmed. ”That time invested makes all the difference.”

In addition to education and job goals, discipleship is an integral and central part of GOHC’s program. A discipleship class as well as daily Bible study are mandatory for each resident. At the heart of it all is for women to encounter the Lord and develop a relationship with Him. The love of Jesus is woven through every aspect of Gateway of Hope Comanche. 

“We are building trust, confidence and the belief that the Lord can and will guide them—the belief that they didn’t just come to us by coincidence, but He had a hand on this,” Boyd said.

The application process is extensive to keep everyone in the home safe. However, Wade and Boyd are passionate about allowing God to lead, and their ultimate desire is to see the Lord change hearts and save lives.

“No woman will be turned away if she’s really wanting help,” Wade said. 

After an applicant is accepted through an interview process, they arrive at GOHC and are given a three-day grace period where they can settle into the house and learn about expectations. Goals are made every three months and may include earning a Graduate Equivalency Degree, beginning college courses or finding a job. Measures are also taken to ensure a safe and loving atmosphere free from distractions.

“We want our atmosphere to be like that of a Godly, family household. Our relationship with the Lord comes first and it trickles down,” Wade said.

Testimonies of God’s faithfulness fill the path of establishment for Gateway of Hope Comanche and stories of His healing and hope are filling their rooms.   

We went into this with faith, Boyd said. Gateway of Hope is the answer to prayer."

Be A Light

DONATE. The pandemic has greatly affected fundraising opportunities. One-time monetary gifts and long-term partners will help the nonprofit grow. VOLUNTEER. Host a diaper and/ or bottle donation event. Gather a small group and invite GOHC to speak. INFORM. Spread the word about Gateway of Hope Comanche and its efforts to the community.

Gateway of Hope Comanche Logo
P.O. Box 222, Comanche, Texas 76442
(325) 718-2121



Blast & Cast Men’s Ministries is an interdenominational effort to share the Good News of Jesus with the outdoor community. We have a presence in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico with expansion efforts underway in Colorado and Florida. We believe that a constant commitment to the truth and to the relationships we have made within the outdoor community is the best way to model and live out the unchanging message of Jesus.  As we often say, if we can reach men with the Gospel we will see changed lives. If we see changed lives, we will see changed families.  If we see changed families, we will see changed communities.

Blast & Cast Men's Ministries

At Vaughn Motors, we take great pride in serving our community in Comanche Texas. It brings us great joy to support nonprofits that are making a difference. We provide handpicked used cars and trucks for our customers. We go the extra mile for our customers to provide any needed title preparation and our detail and mechanic shop provide any needed services to the cars and trucks we sell. We try to make it as easy as possible for someone to purchase and maintain their next vehicle. Come by for a visit. We will treat you like family.

Vaughn Motors Comanche

7665 Hwy 67/377 Comanche, TX. 76442
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Written by

April Lynn Newell

I am a proud resident of Texas and live in the 'burbs with my husband, 3 daughters, and son. I enjoy telling stories through words and photos. I owe all to my Jesus and love serving Him through my passions and talents.


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