Healing mind, body and spirit

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February 23, 2020 By Amy Morgan

Through darkness comes light, through fear comes love and through pain comes triumph 


Founder Alicia Bryan
Founder Alicia Bryan anoints and
prays over a Divine Healing Day

Emotional shrapnel from the storms of this life can wound us. These kinds of wounds make it clear that wellness depends on so much more than just the physical realm. Wellness involves the entire being — body, soul and spirit. 

This is the lesson Alicia Bryan, Founder of the Divine Health Center, learned on her own healing journey. Alicia struggled mightily after a failed marriage and illness. During her healing journey, she discovered the connection between mind, body and spirit. 

“I realized the importance of the mind-body connection,” she says. “I couldn’t be successful and gain ground in my health if I didn’t address issues in my mind, soul and spirit.” 

Chef Emma MacEachern
Chef Emma MacEachern prepares
a special lunch for Divine Healing
Day guests. 

Alicia sought restoration through the power of Christ in all three of these areas. As a result, she experienced deep healing and at the Gage Hotel in the West Texas mountains, God’s plan unfolded for her to start the Divine Health Center. 

Dr. Mark Jones prays for a guest at a Divine Health Center ministry night.
Dr. Mark Jones prays for a guest at a
Divine Health Center ministry night.

“We work with the best practitioners in regenerative health. Our practitioners help people see the power of the mind and the link between science and God. This provides our clients with cutting edge solutions to their wellness needs,” she says. 

Guests of the Divine Healing Days are welcomed into a safe and loving environment to process past hurts with professional practitioners and to learn how to replace fear, anxiety and shame with the truth of who God created them to be. They begin the Divine Healing Day by tapping into the creativity of the right side of the brain through Sozo art. 

Abi Stumvoll and Alicia Bryan
Abi Stumvoll and Alicia
Bryan hug at The Divine
Health Center's annual
ReGenesis Retreat.
Divine Healing Day attendees create
Sozo art. 

Through this, Alicia says, “they begin to identify root issues behind behavior.” Then, Dr. Mark Jones, a Christian counselor, leads each guest through a process of forgiveness and healing. Next, Executive Director of Divine Healing Day, Ali Tanari, leads guests through a healing process that helps them identify root issues that hinder them from living the life they were created to live. "Living in true freedom is possible," says Ali. "I especially love seeing the transformation that occurs when we connect our guests to the Father’s heart!" 

It has come to his attention that the statistics surrounding the absence of fathers in the home is staggering. More than 1 in 4 children live without a father. 

The Divine Health Center endeavors to address and resolve father relationship issues and empower people to change generations. Ali, the in-house Restorative Therapist for the Divine Health Center, personally follows up with each guest that attends in their aftercare program. 

Dr. Mark Jones teaches at a Divine Health Center ministry event.
Dr. Mark Jones teaches at a Divine Health Center
ministry event. 

“You can’t repress an emotional wound. It can only be healed by God,” Alicia says. “Many say they feel loved for the first time in ages,” she continues. “It’s like turning on a light bulb. They may have felt disconnected from God, but now they feel a new love and connection.

“Our heart and desire is to come alongside pastors, spiritual leaders, practitioners and those in ministry. We feel our events are especially necessary for them to remain equipped and on fire so they don’t burn out.” 

Alicia says the stories of transformation are miraculous. She remembers a young man who was struggling with addiction and thoughts of suicide. He received such freedom following participation in a Divine Healing Day that he now has joined the staff of an intercessory prayer ministry in Kansas. 

Ali Tanari, restorative therapist teaches at the annual ReGenesis retreat at the Gage Hotel.
Ali Tanari, restorative therapist teaches at the annual ReGenesis
retreat at the Gage Hotel.

Another family was changed when their daughter, who was released from spiritual oppression causing debilitating depression, convinced her parents to try the retreat. They too were so transformed they founded a spiritual healing ministry in their church based on the principles learned. 

As a result of her own journey through tragedy, trial and finally healing, Alicia now walks in authority in the healing arena through the Divine Health Center. 

Jesus still heals. All He is waiting for is you to take the first step towards healing and restoration.

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Divine Health Center

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Be A Light.

Pray. Pray for the ministry to reach more people with the healing power of Christ. Share. Tell others, especially those in ministry, about this holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit. Give. Your generosity provides scholarships for those in ministry to help them attend Divine Healing Days. Follow. See updates and learn about events through social media and on their website. 

Written by

Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan has written and edited for The Beacon for the past 9 years.


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