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The Answer to Worry


Ever struggle with worry? Of course you have--everyone has. Whether the issue is our children, our job, our relationships, our health--you fill in the blank--we've all struggled with worry at one time or another.... Read full article

Put Down the Cup of Comparison


One thing I always dreaded when I was a high school student was the year-end superlatives...Most Popular....Most Likely to Succeed...remember those? Instead of being able to celebrate someone else's award, I'd wind up comparing myself to...... Read full article

When It's Time To Give Up


Next month, I’ll turn 37. While this birthday won’t confer any special privileges like voting rights, adult beverages, or Presidential eligibility – each passing year does bring about a deeper regard for the brevity of life. It’s natural, for me...... Read full article

There Will Always Be Someone Who Doesn't Understand You


Can you live with it if you’re never understood? That thought occurred to me one day when I was “rationalizing” in my head how someone was never going to understand what I’m all about or what I do.... Read full article