Breaking barriers to reveal the truth of the Lord


Still Water Camps: Breaking barriers with our youth Status doesn’t matter at Still Water. Best of all, it’s a place where kids find what they are thirsting for.... Read full article

A First-Time Fiesta Event for The Recovery Community - Preventing Relapse on a High Use Day


Fiesta and alcohol often go hand in hand, but this year it doesn’t have to. Fiesta originated as a way to salute the heroes of historic battles at the Alamo and San Jacinto. In 2018, we are honoring our community in recovery who fight the battle of a... Read full article

Grace – A clear glass of water


Does the Bible clearly teach that we receive eternal life by grace, as a gift, through faith, apart from any works?  Yes!  It is a clear glass of water.... Read full article

Adult & Teen Challenge brings hope to addiction


More than three-fourths of families have been touched by addiction. There's hope and new life available. Adult & Teen Challenge is tackling addiction through the love of Christ and proven principles that are changing these statistics in our community... Read full article

A divided America: 3 responses for Christians

by Ronnie W. Floyd on

Government cannot fix us. Politics will never heal us. Those who follow Jesus Christ and identify themselves as Christians need to understand and believe the first two sentences of this article or you will live a highly disappointed life. ... Read full article

S.O.S. by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

by Lisa Burkhardt Worley on

The universal distress signal is S.O.S. It is Morse Code and not an acronym, but everyone knows what it means. Over the years, however, some people have turned it into an acronym: “SAVE OUR SHIP,” so if that’s the case, what is on your ship that you ... Read full article

Holy Moments

by April Lynn Newell on

Lisa Michelle never dreamed she would follow Jesus into a strip club. Or that her first time witnessing to the girls there—with sweaty hands and shaking knees—would lead to a nearly decade-long ministry.... Read full article

See A Bright Future with Bracken Christian School


One of the accepted benefits of private school is that they provide exceptional and challenging educational experiences. Bracken Christian School delivers on every front.... Read full article

Weekend Food. Kids are Hungry in our Community.


Most of us look forward to weekends, anticipating family fun – backyard barbecues, soccer games and Little League, It’s hard to comprehend that for many children in San Antonio, weekends represent a food desert, with uncertainty about whether they w... Read full article

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s & How to Help


Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains change as we age. While most of us eventually notice delayed thinking and occasional problems remembering things, learn about more concerning symptoms. ... Read full article