Life Change Centers overcoming with hope

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July 30, 2020 By April Lynn Newell

Christian-based drug rehabilitation center pioneers customized, life-changing program

At Life Change Centers (LCC), freedom and redemption are offered in a way that many rehabilitation centers have yet to embrace.

This unique approach could be the reason LCC has so many success stories, according to Board of Directors Member Larisa Ilie. LCC is an international nonprofit organization with two of its 23 locations in Boerne and San Antonio.

Life Change Centers students, House Leaders Tatyana and Yuriy Kolesnikov and Eagle’s Flight Advocacy (Pamela and Tim Allen) celebrate partnership.
Life Change Centers students, House Leaders Tatyana and Yuriy Kolesnikov and
Eagle’s Flight Advocacy (Pamela and Tim Allen) celebrate partnership.

With a customized program, students at LCC not only experience freedom from their addiction, but also the freedom they have in Jesus. Through the center’s three key focuses of body, mind and spirit—clients at LCC discover the root cause of their addictions, learn anger management skills and most importantly to trust in the Lord. Through various programs such as the Skills Learning Experience Program, Handy Man and Multicultural Cuisine; students learn important skills and work ethics, which empower them to transition back to the community and a life of responsibilities smoothly.

“We work with them to put in roots in their faith in God,” Larisa says. “There are times when they get discouraged and either want to commit suicide or go get high. We want them to understand that when you face trouble, you must get on your knees, pray and find Jesus for answers to your challenges.”

One powerful testimony has stayed with Larisa. It’s a story about a man who was only able to remain at LCC for four months before having to go to prison. Yet, in those four months, he discovered the unforgiveness that caused his addictions. In prison, he turned away drugs and shared the gospel. When he was released, he returned to LCC, finished the program and today is a full-time missionary.

“It’s beautiful work. I’m very happy to be a part of it,” Larisa says. “I see God work in lives every day.”

Board of Directors
Board of Directors LCC Texas, Sergey Stymbalyuk,
Yuriy Kolesnikov, Tanya Kolesnikov, Larisa Ilie,
Vladimir Ulanov, and Roman Svyatetskiy.

Students who complete the Life Change program leave with a stable job or become missionaries. A student can be supported for $865 per month for nine months. Some stay for 12 months or more. Fundraising and sponsors provide the needed financial aid for students. Most of the leadership with LLC, along with some of those that have completed the programs offered, are volunteers. Many who have completed the program desire to serve God in ministry. 

Where addiction meets desperation, there’s hope at LCC. They empower each man and woman and then send them out to serve others. 

Life Change Centers

Life Change Centers
(210) 760-2008

Be A Light.

Pray. Pray for the students healing and the leaders ministering to them. Donate. Give financially or provide for other specific needs such as bedding, laptops or a washer and dryer. Network. If you own a business, prayerfully consider partnering with LLC to help train students in various fields of work.

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