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Reducing Seasonal Marital Stress San Antonio Marriage Initiative Equips Leaders


The founder of the San Antonio Marriage Initiative, (SAMI) Carl Caton, isn’t a marriage therapist, nor does he run a counseling center; however, his ministry is quietly changing hearts across San Antonio.... Read full article

We are still going to have Easter


It was Sunday morning after the Friday execution. The sky was dark. The disciples had scattered. And the Roman executioner was wondering about breakfast, or work, or his next day off. But he was not wondering about the fellow he had nailed to a cross... Read full article

Happy Father's Day - Favorite Lines of Dads


There seems to be a universal, timeless lingo among fathers. Here's a collection of some of those sayings...... Read full article

Two of the most powerful words — I can't

by Mike Sharrow on

A major decision for anyone reading this article is whether you will truly be a “faith-driven” (as in the very engine, operating system, fuel, source) or a “faith-inspired” entrepreneur. ... Read full article

God has a plan for every tragedy

by Terri Wright on

It’s been a tough few weeks. We could probably all use some “good news” about the goodness and love of our great God right about now. Romans 8:28 reminds us that in ALL things, He works for the good on behalf of those who love Him. ... Read full article

Quarantine Can Strengthen Your Marriage


You may have heard that marriages are predicted to be another casualty of COVID-19.  Pundits warn to prepare for an uptick in divorce cases once the courts reopen and couples fed up with each other in quarantine determine to permanently separate. ... Read full article

Strengthen your marriage and family during the coronavirus "stay home" orders


We at SAMI are sending prayers for safety and health for you and your family. ... Read full article

Be a MAC Man


Is it any wonder the majority of boys growing up in our culture have no idea what it looks like to be and live like a man? Thankfully for us, we have a great example…Christ!... Read full article

Marriage Destroyer


"Entitlement can be a huge marriage problem. When we think we deserve something we’re not getting we can be downright nasty about it. Be it anger or the passive-aggressive approach, it’s not good...."... Read full article

A Letter to Mothers of Teenage Boys


How do you do it? How do you watch the child you swaddled, nursed and cuddled grow into a young man? The child you got down on your hands and knees to play cars with no matter how mind-numbing it felt to drive around the same track over and over.... Read full article