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August 23, 2020 By Denise R. Marcos

How many times have you found yourself feeling unfulfilled? We are often misguided that if we live a certain way God will give us what we desire. When we believe that if we do something for God, He will in turn do something for us—we are living transactionally instead of relationally as God's child by grace.

Mike provides staff discipleship to ministry teams.
Mike provides staff discipleship to ministry teams.

Living transactionally does not allow us to experience the freedom and love we already have in Christ. To know Him more intimately, our self effort will never work. We can trust Christ, living in us by grace, to accomplish through us what only He can. This is especially true in the midst of the challenges we face today regarding the pandemic, racial unrest and a quickly approaching election. How can we know peace, joy and fulfillment even during these trying times?

How do we experience the freedom we seek? 

Mike Daniel, founder of Mike Q. Daniel Ministries and Zoe Code Ministries, provides free discipleship resources online and works with ministry teams around the world. Mike fervently says "God never designed you to accomplish the life that only Jesus Himself can live through you. When we receive God's love, we can reflect that love onto others."

Mike and a Tibetan pastor
Mike and a Tibetan pastor reflect about God's
indwelling life and underserved favor with the
persecuted church during Mike's visit to Tibet. 

“Too often we as people of a faith community get so caught up in the practices of our faith that we are misguided in our thoughts that the Christian life is what we do instead of Christ who is our life. He is the journey and the destination, the means and the end of the Christian life. He's the way we walk and the truth we know relationally to experience Christ Himself as the life! Really, what Christ is wanting from us, is to have a relationship with Him,” Mike explains. “And like any relationship it grows. He is the author of our faith, using everything to bring us into a deeper fellowship with Him.” 

Mike preaches and conducts small-group-leaders' discipleship training in Oklahoma City.
Mike preaches and conducts small-group-leaders'
discipleship training in Oklahoma City. 

Faith is not what we do for Him hoping to get something else from Him. That’s not a relationship. We trust He knows what we need, so we simply walk with Him through every circumstance to know Him as the author and perfecter of our faith. Mike was witness to God’s grace and His purpose through a life-changing event that shaped who he is today. 

“In 1989 I got into a bad car accident that derailed my entire life. I had a different idea of what my life would look like. But that accident was the beginning of self reflection and transformation,” he says. "I had been trying to accomplish a godly life hoping God would reward my effort with the things I desired for my future, but trying to be good is not the way of Christ. Living in relationship with God as our Father as the source of righteousness is!”

 Mike gives training for missionaries and pastors in the Philippines.
 Mike gives training for missionaries
and pastors in the Philippines.

Today, Mike lives and teaches others to live with a Christ-is-life mentality. Mike says that once we can approach our relationship with Jesus in this way, we will see our life in a new light. 

“We start to live from Christ as our source. We increasingly enjoy an intimate relationship with Him,” Mike reflects. “We aren’t checking things off a list, we are no longer trying to be better Christians, but simply living in relationship with Christ who wants more for us than we ever know to ask of Him.” 

Mike was a thriving businessman who spoke around the country using his knowledge to help individuals grow professionally and personally. During this time, he started serving as a volunteer leader to a group of underserved individuals for his church. That opportunity strengthened his faith and led him to become an ordained pastor.

Mike provides discipleship and equipped leadership training during a conference in a remote, persecuted church in India.
Mike provides discipleship and equipped
leadership training during a conference
in a remote, persecuted church in India. 

“I had no plans to become a pastor. It just wasn’t ever something I thought about,” Mike recalls. “It’s true that we make our own plans, but God directs our steps. We don’t learn to follow Him because we like His plan, but because we increasingly trust His love for us.” 

After serving in many faith leadership roles throughout the years, Mike continued to see a gap. So in 2008, he founded Zoe Code Ministries, a ministry dedicated to helping churches, pastors, ministry leaders and others live out the Christ-is-Life message; personally and with those they lead.

These trainings, geared toward producing more equipped disciplers, worked wonders—at first. But Mike says those leaders and many event attendees would later reach out seeking guidance on how to continue growing in the truth of the New Covenant, Christ-as-life discipleship. 

Mike and Stacia Daniel, his wife, minister during a Holy Land teaching tour in Jordan and Israel.
Mike and Stacia Daniel, his wife, minister during
a Holy Land teaching tour in Jordan and Israel. 

“They come open-minded and they leave excited to put these new perspectives to practice, but fall back into their old ways of thinking,” he says. “The purpose for Mike Q. Daniel Ministries is to be a resource for continual encouragement and spiritual growth for everyone—whether following an event or if they’ve never been to one and for people just like you that desire to live in a relationship with Christ based on grace.” 

These weekly devotionals and videos are free to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God. His videos, uplifting in nature and based on the simple foundations of Christianity, can be found on MQD Ministries’ website. They can be used as a resource for bible study groups, retreats, workshops or simply
individual growth. 

“Our mission as followers of Jesus is to share His life. The Gospel isn’t just forgiveness, but new creation, resurrected, Christ-indwelt life! These platforms allow (MQD Ministries) to do that,” he says. “We need continual spiritual growth. Our minds need to be renewed. It’s an ongoing process. Mike Q. Daniel Ministries is seeing God do just that.” 

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Explore. Visit the MQD Ministries website to learn more about how you can deepen your relationship with Jesus. Connect. Subscribe to weekly devotionals and videos. Share. Spread the word of God and the mission of MQD Ministries to others through social media @MikeQDaniel. 

Written by

Denise R. Marcos

Denise Marcos has a journalism degree from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She has been writing for more than 10 years professionally. Denise is a Guam native and is happily married with four children.


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