ONE invites everyone to hear God’s voice and to their luncheon with William Paul Young

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August 26, 2019

Pollsters show that only a small percentage of people in America believe that God talks to them. 

Cayce Harris is the Executive Director of ONE.
Cayce Harris is the
Executive Director of ONE. 

Cayce Harris, Executive Director of ONE, a nonprofit offering prayer and classes on prayer and leadership in San Antonio, is dedicated to changing that perception. She’s seen thousands of others encounter God in authentic ways at ONE, where the mission is to help people hear the voice of God and live from that place.

William Paul Young is author of The Shack. He will be speaking at ONE November 4.
William Paul Young
is author of The Shack.
He will be speaking at
ONE November 4.

On November 4, William Paul Young, the author of the New York Times bestselling book and motion picture, The Shack, will be the speaker at ONE’s annual fundraiser and all are invited.  

Cayce is especially excited to present this speaker because, she says, the storyline of the writer’s book —even though it is fiction — points to something she’s seen in real life. “This is exactly how He [Jesus] sounds,” Cayce explains, referring to the way Mack, the story’s main character, encountered God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus in a remote little shack and found solace even though he was dealing with a lot of baggage. 

“He’s so full of grace,” says Cayce, referring to the way she’s seen Jesus heal, “and gives a whole different perspective from our own in our painful experience. It’s amazing how the book has been very enduring and very beloved.”

Cayce has experienced God’s healing and voice in many ways and with thousands of people in San Antonio but gives a very practical example from the memory of her earliest days. As a child, she had paralyzing fears that produced anxiety well into adulthood. “I literally thought something was going to come out from under my bed and grab me,” and those old memories were showing up in regular life. 

One day in prayer, she started asking Jesus what was true and where He was. Jesus showed her a picture of Him lighting up the dark room and He was right beside her reassuring her that fear was like a balloon full of hot air — easy for Him to pop. And He did.     

“Jesus made it clear that the fear I remembered was nothing. Peace, light and comfort changed the memory of my experience of night terrors as a child.” Now, says Cayce, this experience of freedom is available anytime in her roles as leader, mother, wife and friend.   

The storyline In The Shack deals with tragedy much more dire. The main character, Mack, endures abuse as a child and tragedy as an adult but experiences God’s overwhelming love, freeing him from trauma and anger.  

“This is more than a story. It is available to everyone, every day at ONE,” Cayce says. “People come to us to encounter God and hear His voice in the midst of difficulty and trauma as well as when life is easy. We make hearing the voice of God practical in everyday living. We let Him speak to every person and every season, and He always brings the truth and perspective that is healing.”  

ONE invites everyone to come for prayer, classes on leadership and to the November 4 luncheon.

One Luncheon: Monday November 4, 2019

The Shack"The Shack is a book about God's great love for all of us and how we can experience it all the time. ONE is bringing this type of encounter with God off the pages and into everyday life for anyone. I'm thrilled to share about this with partners and supporters at ONE's annual luncheon, and I hope you will join us,” says William Paul Young.

To purchase individual tickets or a table of 10 for the luncheon on Monday, November 4, text the word luncheon to 91999. For more information on the luncheon, classes, prayer times or the weekly offerings at ONE, contact Cari Spielhagen at or (210) 930-7760.

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