Over 28,000 cry out to God at recent PraySA Prayer Event

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August 11, 2020 By Duke Jonietz, Co-Publisher

“The true church lives and moves and has its being in prayer.” Leonard Ravenhill

Max Lucado opens up PraySA
Pastor Max Lucado humbling himself before the Lord.

Between those that showed up in person at the Freeman Coliseum and those that tuned in online, over 28,000 people participated in a good old-fashioned prayer meeting this past Sunday in a nondenominational event called PraySA. Let that sink in for a minute. TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND!

Parking and prayer at PraySA
Park and Pray event. Both parking lots were almost
completely full at the Freeman Coliseum.

Approximately 1500 people prayed from their cars (or just outside of them) at the event and another 27,000 plus joined the event online as it was livestreamed. I am not aware of any other event, dedicated to just prayer, of that size in the history of San Antonio.

With the myriad of challenges facing us today (fear, anxiety, loneliness, even depression), Pastor Max Lucado made it clear from the onset that we were only there to pray. “If you were expecting a preaching time or a concert or a political event, you may be disappointed. We are only here to pray and go to battle in the heavenlies,” Max emphatically stated. He continued, “Our only hope to overcome the challenges we face today is God Himself.”

While these kinds of numbers can be impressive, what really stood out was the humility and desire to cry out to God by those leading prayer and those participating from their vehicles. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have attended the event in our car, and to be sure we could hear, tuned into 93.9 FM to listen to the leadership of the event pray from deep within their hearts for forgiveness of our sin and healing for our community. They were not alone. Those in attendance joined with them. Hands were raised in surrender to Jesus, and as the Spirit led, horns were honked in a “Spirit of Unity” to underline a particular prayer point or to celebrate what was being said.

Young and old at PraySA
An attendee at the event raising her arms in surrender. 

I saw families sitting on the roof of their cars or the back of their trucks, blankets spread out with people in the prone position and others kneeling outside of their vehicles on the hot pavement asking God to forgive us and help us. It seemed every nationality and every tribe were represented at the event, from tattooed arms and purple hair to grandparents and their grandchildren... truly a spectacle to behold.

The scriptures tell us that God promises to bend down from heaven to hear His children pray and I am certain He heard every cry, every request and every burden this past Sunday.

I even had an open vision of the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing through city blocks in neighborhoods across our community and after He had past, families coming out of their homes unsure of what just took place, awestruck and looking to heaven as the starting point for the peace and joy that followed.

In my last article leading up to this event (click HERE for past article), I shared that my Spirit was especially sensitive when I heard about the plans for PraySA. Because of the challenges we face as a city and especially as a nation (and the length of time they have harassed us), I stated that many of us (and those we know) were broken and desperate for God to forgive our sin and heal our land. Showing true repentance opens the door for the miraculous to take place. As written in my last article, true repentance carries two companions... brokenness and desperation... and it was apparent that both resided at the event. In fact, prayer requests were still coming in past midnight even though the event finished at 8:15pm.

Max Lucado leads prayer at PraySA
PraySA leaders crying out to God.

Because of our obedience in humility, prayer and repentance as the Church of San Antonio, I am trusting that God will indeed move in unprecedented ways in the coming days and weeks based on His promises in 2 Chronicles 7:14. In fact, many in our city have been waiting for years to see a sweeping, supernatural move of God in San Antonio that will transform our entire city. I hope you will join us in waiting and watching for God to move supernaturally across our city and bring revival and awakening and a mighty move of God the likes of which the nations have never seen.

You may be thinking you are disappointed to have missed it. I HAVE GOOD NEWS...

There is still a chance to take part. The PraySA Prayer Event is taking place again this coming Sunday 8/16 at 7pm! You can attend in person in your car (obeying the guidelines established by our city) at the Freeman Coliseum. Or you can watch the livestream of the event on praysa.org. Either way, registration is required.

Go to praysa.org for more info and to register. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this solemn assembly and the supernatural ways God will move in response to our cries for His help. I hope to see you on Sunday. Be sure to bring your brokenness and desperation with you. God will be there and He is ready to move!

PraySA event


Sunday 8/16 at 7pm

Park and Pray at Freeman Coliseum. Livestream on praysa.org.

You must register on the website. 


Photographs provided by Jon Coker with KENS TV and Cayce Harris with ONE-SA

Written by

Duke Jonietz, Co-Publisher

Duke Jonietz has served in ministry in San Antonio for over 25 years. He has a big heart for our community and a vision to see city-wide transformation. He is the Co-Publisher of The Beacon.


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