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April 16, 2020 By Charity Farrar

You may not consider a pregnancy care center and women’s health clinic when thinking about frontline care in the midst of the pandemic. But like many in our world today, life has changed for The Source-San Antonio, formerly known as Life Choices Medical Clinic. It seems Covid-19 has taken over our lives in 2020. And like you, we wonder how life will be when it returns to “normal”. Our staff is aware of one thing that hasn’t changed, God is still in control! Another big thing that hasn’t changed is women who are still looking for answers to crisis pregnancies. That’s where we come in. We are on the spiritual frontlines and still open for business and serving our community with compassion and care.  

Cute baby
Mom with her beautiful baby.

In 2019, we had 6106 total visits to our clinic. This year, in spite of the pandemic, we are still on track to match that number. Over 6000 patients, including mothers to be and new moms, are choosing life for their babies and for themselves. The staff is busy being the hands and feet of Jesus, even in the midst of this crisis.

Did I mention we have been busy? During the first quarter of 2020 we’ve had 1431 visits, conducted 185 pregnancy tests, provided 92 ultrasounds, seen 76 babies rescued from abortion, saw 330 women for healthcare appointments, have seen 65 prenatal care appointments and, perhaps most importantly, had 33 women that have visited the clinic make professions of faith in Jesus Christ! Praise Him ... because every number listed above represents real people.

Just like Janey and Ed, a married couple, came into The Source looking for an abortion. Janey had an abortion when she was young and has a 9 and 12-year-old from a previous marriage. Together they have a toddler. She thought she might be about 8 weeks pregnant but didn’t want to continue the pregnancy. Donna Schmidt, our clinic director talked with them and went through the booklet A Women’s Right to Know that our Texas State Health Department supplies to us. She also gave her testimony about how abortion affected her. She explained that men regret abortions too. Donna made an appointment for them to come back in a couple of days for an ultrasound. And we prayed that they would keep that appointment. God was faithful and they kept the appointment, which showed them a very lively 12 week, 5-day baby, dancing and waiving at them. They both became very excited and Ed said “Nurse Donna, we are keeping our baby!” Tons of joy and tears followed. Donna was sure to speak with them about God being the creator of all life and that He has a special plan for this child and for their family. We are so grateful that God allows us to participate in HIS kingdom by sharing the truth of His word with those He sends our way. This couple hasn’t made that profession of faith just yet, but stay tuned … God isn’t finished with them yet!

Staff dressed out in PPE and
ready to see patients.

We are doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy during this crisis. About half of our staff are working remotely, using telemedicine with patients. The other half are carrying the load in the clinic, doing their best to see as many patients as possible. And God is rewarding our efforts! We are seeing more abortion-minded women coming to us for pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. When we are able to show these women their babies, growing in their wombs, it is absolutely life changing. Of course, this enables them to make better decisions for themselves and their children.  

When you have over 6100 patient visits a year, you quickly run out of space, which has been our situation for some years now. We have been asking God to provide us with a new location where we could expand and continue to grow and He has answered our prayers .... but not in the way we expected!  Isn’t that just like God. As it turns out, God has given us favor with our landlord and they have agreed to give us more space in our current location.  And we are thrilled! We have been in this same location for the entire 24 years that we have been operating and our patients know right where to find us! With the additional room, we will more than double our space! This will allow us to continue to grow and offer services to more women in our community, helping them make better, healthier choices while providing the assistance they need for their families. 

Breastfeeding Class at The Source-San Antonio
Breastfeeding class. Good thing God has given us more space! 

Our “moms” are able to participate in our MAPS program and receive material assistance and education by attending classes and by meeting with a trained counselor. Keeping our babies in diapers is always a challenge, but right now even more so.  If you would like to donate diapers, wipes or make a financial donation, please contact us at (210) 543-7200. We would welcome your help. 

God is good … all the time! And we are so grateful that He is using The Source San Antonio to reach the broken, lost and hurting with the truth of the gospel and with LIFE ... even in the midst of COVID-19.
3234 Northwestern San Antonio, TX  78238
(210) 543-7200

Be A Light.

Pray. Please pray for the staff at The Source and their patients to be protected from the virus and continue to be bold in sharing the gospel. Support. The Source is in need for diapers and wipes. Please contact them to make arrangements to drop some off. Give. Please consider a financial gift to enable them to continue to help women in need and to help with their expansion. Visit their website for more information.

Written by

Charity Farrar

Charity is the CEO of The Source San Antonio, a pregnancy care center and woman's health clinic, serving San Antonio.


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