President Trump and staff hold conference calls with faith leaders

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April 15, 2020 By Duke Jonietz, Co-Publisher

You may, or may not, be surprised that President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence are hosting monthly conference calls with Christian leaders from across the country. These calls have increased in occurrence during the pandemic.

Steve Branson and Tony Perkins
Pastor Steve Branson and Tony Perkins with the
Family Research Council.

Pastor Steve Branson with Village Parkway Baptist Church has been participating for some time now. His relationship with Tony Perkins, President of The Family Research Center, allowed him to receive an invitation to take part.

Pastor Steve believes the president values the church and sees it as having a key role in the affairs of the nation including the pandemic. “The president seems humble and talks straight with us. It is clear on the call that he appreciates and values prayer as one of the answers to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Pastor Steve says.

“These conference calls bring insight into the immense pressure and tough decisions our government leaders are facing right now. You can hear it in his voice as he is sharing.” Typically, there are 200 to 300 pastors that participate in the conference calls but this past week there were over 10,000 Pastors and ministry leaders on the call.

Here are some of Pastor Steve’s reflections about the faith conference calls:

  1. We have the friendliest administration in my lifetime towards religious freedom. I know some are worried about our freedoms, but with this administration there will be no problem with our religious freedoms.
  2. They are working hard to protect the church through this time; there are some countries where religious freedoms have been taken away because of the virus but Trump, Pence and Pompeo are working hard to make certain that Americans do not lose any freedoms.
  3. This virus is very serious and they are working hard to protect our families. It is different than anything we have experienced in past years.
  4. They are starting to think that we are beginning to turn the corner and hopeful that soon we will start coming out of it.
  5. Since I believe in the power of prayer, it is amazing to hear the prayers that are being prayed on the phone with and for these men.
  6. For myself, I am more at peace after being on the phone call that God is at work through these men to bring our nation through these days.
  7. It is a lot better getting info this way than through the press.


Steve Branson and Jerry Boykin
General Jerry Boykin and Pastor Steve Branson.

Like many of us, Pastor Steve is praying that the coronavirus will bring revival and awakening to our country. “I thought 9/11 would do that but after two to three weeks it seemed most everything went back to normal. This is a little different in that it seems we are getting back to the basics of life ... family ... caring for one another ... taking walks and just slowing down ... so I am praying this will turn us back to God and that we will seek His face and repent as a nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says that if we do so, He will heal our land.”

While following the governor and mayor’s orders and not being able to meet in person at the church building, Pastor Steve sees many positive outcomes as a result of the pandemic. His church, like many others, has improved their technology and equipment. “In fact, there are more people attending the online services than were in our weekly Sunday church services. We averaged hundreds in our regular services but we have seen thousands join us online from many different cities across the country and even internationally,” he states with excitement.

The bible is clear that we are to pray for those in authority. And for now, it seems, those prayers are welcomed and embraced by the highest of our government officials.

Village Parkway Baptist

Village Parkway Baptist Church
3002 Village Parkway San Antonio, TX 78251
(210) 680-7813

Be A Light.

Pray. Our first response as Christians should always be prayer. Pray for sensitivity to hear from the Holy Spirit regarding your prayers for our nation. Pray for protection for President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and others on the coronavirus team to make wise decisions, especially on opening the country back up for business. Pray for Village Parkway Baptist Church to continue to be the light on a hill. Visit. Please visit their website for online services. Once stay-at-home orders are lifted, plan on visiting Village Parkway Baptist Church on an upcoming Sunday and worship with them soon.

Written by

Duke Jonietz, Co-Publisher

Duke Jonietz has served in ministry in San Antonio for over 25 years. He has a big heart for our community and a vision to see city-wide transformation. He is the Co-Publisher of The Beacon.

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I Am Encouraged

This is indeed encouraging to me and my family as it should be to everyone who reads it. Even people without faith in Christ should see it as a good sign that our leaders are in touch with everyday citizens. President Trump cares, as does Vice President Pence and the rest of the virus team. They care about all Americans going through this, about the businesses that have had to shut down, about the front line workers. They know the country needs to open up soon, and they are taking careful, prayerful, informed steps to do that. What an enormous job! Prayer is the key for wisdom to do this correctly. Good bless Pastor Steve and the other Pastors who take part in these phone calls. They are representing us too.

April 2020

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