Ready for the Biggest Revival Event in 30 Years?

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September 18, 2018

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Ready for one of the biggest Revival Events in San Antonio since the Billy Graham Crusade in 1997?

From prophecy, an anointed message, to loss and a mission, San Antonio’s largest revival event in 20 years is born. Crusade 300, which is free and open to the public, will take place October 6 and 7 at the San Antonio Alamodome. Organized by local ministries, this two-day movement of God is expected to draw more than 60,000 attendees. Participants will enjoy sermons from local and international pastors, altar calls, musical performances, BMX acts, and a 5K run/walk (with registration purchase), as well as a variety of additional events appealing to all ages. The event will represent more than 20 ministries from seven different countries, including Africa, Russia and England. “Our hope is that this revival event spreads across San Antonio, the country and the world,” said Event Director, Michael Jett. 

The mission of the event is to unite all walks of life and lead as many people as possible to a new or deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. All religions, cultures and beliefs are welcome. In addition to believers, the event hopes to draw seekers, those who have no relationship with God or church affiliation, and Christians who have lost their way. “It’s a daily journey and sometimes a daily battle. No one is excluded. We all need rescuing sometimes,” Jett said. 

The event planning team is made up of pastors and volunteers from around the world and is led by Lead Pastor of Last Chance Ministries, Jimmy Robles. Pastor Jimmy recounts how the circumstances leading him to take on this monumental mission were both mysterious and powerful. A couple of years ago a young man, Luis, received a message from God to find a pastor who would carry out a great mission.

Luis approached several pastors, before reaching Jimmy. “I don’t receive words lightly, especially when they say it’s from the Lord. I went into deep prayer,” Robles said. A year later, a woman approached Jimmy and told him he would be part of a great revival. Jimmy called Luis and told him he was ready. In accepting the task, Luis told Jimmy it would come at a great cost. The events that followed, including the tragic loss of Jimmy’s 19-year old daughter and the death of evangelical leader, Billy Graham, led Jimmy to begin organizing what will be the biggest event in San Antonio since Billy Graham’s Crusade in 1997. 

Pastor Jimmy Robles in prayer for the vision.
Pastor Jimmy Robles in prayer for the vision.

Now, a year and half in the works, not immune to their fair share of obstacles and hurdles, the team continues to bear witness to God’s grace. “None of us have ever done this before. Discouragement falls on everyone,” Jett said, “but Christ always finds a way. We have people showing up from all over the world, from stage managers, producers and other experts.” The event was also recently recognized as an official event in San Antonio’s SA300 Tricentennial citywide celebration. 

Incorporating events like a BMX exhibition, Fortnite gaming tournament, and rock climbing wall, the team is finding new and creative ways to attract the “next generation” of believers and lead them to Christ. “We have not been very effective at reaching them,” said Pastor Gene Loeffler, of targeting a younger audience. “The Church must learn to think outside the box – and needs a relevant vision, if we are going to be successful influencing them.”

AlamoDome supports Crusade 300
AlamoDome supports Crusade 300

Help is still needed. The nearly $1 million event is projected to secure nearly 5,000 volunteers. “Everyone thinks you have to be great at praying to volunteer and get involved, but that’s just not the case,” said Jett, indicating only 1,500 volunteers are on board. “We can all be ambassadors.”<img alt="> 

Volunteer opportunities range from day-of set up, ushers, greeters, to phone outreach, and professional skills like finance and marketing. More than 25 different areas and skills are needed, and can be found at

To help them in their new life after the event concludes, the team has plans to engage with those who give their lives to Jesus Christ. They also intend to continue a Crusade 300 mobile ministry in Texas and across the country. Jett added, “the more we follow God’s direction, the more he shows us the true needs of this community and surrounding communities. We are willing vessels of the Lord to reach as many people as we can.”


Be A Light.

Attend. Invite your friends and neighbors that are on their journey to meet Christ. Get the word out. Please let your pastor know about this dynamic event and see if your church can help. Partnership. Help complete the needed donations by going online at Volunteer. Use your gifts to make a difference by signing up at 

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