Articles in Social Issues

Friends, Church Family, Rally to Fund Little Boy's Bike


Children love to go for a bike ride. It’s as American as apple pie - an iconic childhood right of passage. Brody Gaston loves it, too, or did that is, until he outgrew the seat attached to the back of his father’s bike.... Read full article

Group's Philanthropic Efforts Exponentially Impact Grants to Women and Children


If one person can change the world, imagine the impact of 100. And what if that 100 were a group of like-minded women whose hearts’ desires are to greatly benefit the lives of other women and children in need?... Read full article

Foster Care Common Denominator for more than 60% of Sex-Trafficking Victims


Children enter foster care and group homes through no fault of their own, because they have experienced abuse or neglect. This prior victimization can make them more attractive to sex traffickers. The figures are quite staggering…... Read full article