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Receive with Gratitude


The natural resources, the abundant beauty, the stunning ongoing miracles uncovered by science, the rich diversity of plant and animal life: the myriad of good, very good, gifts from God surround us.... Read full article

Learning differences welcome; faith flourishes and leads to success


Learning differences welcome; faith flourishes and leads to success. At Achievers Center for Education, the Holy Spirit and a sense of acceptance make success flourish.... Read full article

Strengthen your marriage and family during the coronavirus "stay home" orders


We at SAMI are sending prayers for safety and health for you and your family. ... Read full article

PTSD battle rages. A ministry brings a spiritual response.


Cru Military: PTSD battle rages but vets find peace The Dorners bring healing through the message of Christ to our veterans in Military City, USA. You can serve those who’ve served, too!... Read full article

“Tell Your Story”


"We serve the homeless community in downtown San Antonio every Saturday night. After my first night of volunteering, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to do more. I felt a real connection between myself and our less fortunate brothers and sisters. ... Read full article

How to Embrace Change

by Lisa Burkhardt Worley on

Over the past couple of months we’ve had to change the way we do everything because of COVID-19—we’ve changed the way we meet, we’ve changed the way we communicate with friends and family, and we’ve changed the way we do business. ... Read full article

The faith story of Gateway of Hope


Imagine having no health insurance and literally no money. Imagine having as an only income what was panhandled on the corner — and that’s lunch. Lunch for today, anyway. Now add an unplanned pregnancy to the equation. ... Read full article

City Council’s attack on Chick fil-A won't stop with chicken, Christians

by Mike Sharrow, CEO of C12 Group on

Back when it officially decided to banish the nation’s most popular fast-food restaurant from the airport concourse, San Antonio’s city council issued a statement so thick with irony you could cut it with a knife.... Read full article

Changing Lives, One Relationship at a Time


One thousand children are waiting to be matched with a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of South Texas. Some will remain on the list for years. 14-year-old Eric V. Lewis, Jr. was once among that number. Registered at age 5 by his single... Read full article

Introducing…The Largest Church You’ve Never Heard Of


Chris has big dreams. Affectionately known as “superman” by those who love him, he wanted more out of life than what he found as a young man on the Autism spectrum in a small town in South Texas. ... Read full article