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December 18, 2018

Mr. W Fireworks was founded by my grandfather, W.A Wildman and his friend Jerry Watson. We know that God really founded the company. The first stand was opened just outside of San Antonio, Texas in 1963 on US Highway 90. This was the sole location for about two years before they decided to open additional locations in small surrounding towns around San Antonio. In 1966, the two men divided the locations between themselves and Mr. W was created. My grandfather incorporated Mr. W in 1972. 

My grandfather passed the company down to my parents. My parents were youth pastors at First Baptist Church of Lytle for 14 years while they were growing the company. First Baptist Church of Lytle is where I grew up in the Lord. I was 7 years old when I gave my life to Christ and was baptized during this same time. 

My parents continue to be involved in the business as owners as well as leaders in their present church, FBC Kerrville. I am the Vice-President. Mr. W is still a family owned and operated company with the third generation becoming active. 

In 2011, the drought brought circumstances that were beyond our control. This could not only negatively impact us but could potentially put us out of business. I started a prayer event at Trader’s Village called, “Work as a Family, Pray as a Family.” This prayer event was meant to encourage employees and their family members to come together, pray for the business and for God to help us get through this trial. We also prayed for each other as well as for rain (which always helps fireworks). 

The following fireworks season we were expecting the worse, but it actually turned out to be one of our best. I continued to host our prayer event because if you only pray when you are in trouble…then you are in trouble. We have had three events and we have had about 150 people attend each time. This is the max capacity, so I have to limit my invites. 

I have seen how powerful prayer is. How we should trust and include God, not just in our daily lives, but in our work as well. We open our event with, “Where two or more come together; He is there with us.” The feeling we get when we pray is amazing. The Holy Spirit is so present. All of our twenty-five plus employees and their families attend, along with some of the churches, other organizations and stands we work with. We gave everyone a shirt that says, “Work as a family, pray as a family.” 

God has blessed us! Today, we have about 400 stands and approximately 100 indoor stores. The majority of our stores are run by churches and Christian Organizations. God gave us this business, so we keep Him in it and we give back to our community every chance we get. 

The Martinez Family
The Martinez Family

We love to hear the testimonies from the churches and ministries on how we were able to help send them on youth trips, mission trips, buying new land, or needed repairs, etc.

I believe that as a direct result of putting God first and integrating our faith and our work, we have continued to grow. Mr. W Fireworks may be family run, but we know that God owns our business.  

Kelley Martinez, Vice President of Mr. W’s Fireworks


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