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January 09, 2019

I started volunteering at Taking It To The Streets about eight and a half years ago. 

We serve the homeless community in downtown San Antonio every Saturday night. After my first night of volunteering, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to do more. I felt a real connection between myself and our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Being a recovered alcoholic myself, I could relate to feeling hopeless, left out, and looked down upon. This started my passionate journey with Taking It To The Streets.

Volunteers commit their serving to God in Jesus name.

I remember being so worried about whether we were doing enough for our brothers and sisters. A good friend and founder of the ministry, Danny, pulled me aside and explained that it’s not necessarily our job to get everyone a job or new clothes but to love them as Christ loved us. That was quite a spiritual experience and a huge burden was lifted. My personal walk with Christ began to take on a whole new depth and intimacy.

Families drive as far as 30 miles to serve every week.
Families drive as far as 30 miles to serve every week.

A few months into volunteering, a friend of mine who is a pastor came to me and said God gave him a vision: one day I would help lead this ministry. I remember laughing and thinking “Yeah right! God can’t use me. He knows the who and what I have to be.” But we serve a mighty God and His plans prevailed (Proverbs 19:21). For the past three years, I’ve been the executive director and I do my best to lead this ministry. We have an amazing board of directors and the majority of us serve together every weekend.

We are truly blessed with lots of volunteers from all different denominations and churches that come help us throughout the year. We typically serve between 125-175 homeless every Saturday night. We always serve a hot meal and try to demonstrate Christ’s love. We also hand out clothes, do haircuts, Bible study, praise music, etc. I’m very humbled and grateful for Christ’s hand upon this ministry, guiding and directing us. If you are like me and want to grow spiritually and in your intimacy with Christ, I encourage you to volunteer with our ministry or with one that matches your passion.
It will change you!
In His name,

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