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October is Pastor Appreciation Month


Read Pastor Luis Molina’s story about God and His intervention in our lives. You don’t have to be an evangelist to share Christ. Our monthly feature encourages you to just share your story with others!... Read full article

Unicity Leader Café: We need each other in this city


On a recent hot August morning, Unicity Leader’s Café was held at the First Presbyterian Church. There, Officer Doug Greene articulated our city’s biggest problem in four words. “Hurt people hurt people,” he said. ... Read full article

Weekend Food. Kids are Hungry in our Community.


Most of us look forward to weekends, anticipating family fun – backyard barbecues, soccer games and Little League, It’s hard to comprehend that for many children in San Antonio, weekends represent a food desert, with uncertainty about whether they w... Read full article

Grace Point Church – A Phoenix Risen from the Ashes


Father’s Day evening 2016, Grace Point Church, 9650 Huebner Road, caught on fire. A spark from one of the nearly 30-year-old air conditioning units ultimately consumed the worship center, adjoining offices and children’s area and rendered their conte... Read full article


by Ronnie W. Floyd on

Government cannot fix us. Politics will never heal us. Those who follow Jesus Christ and identify themselves as Christians need to understand and believe the first two sentences of this article or you will live a highly disappointed life. ... Read full article

Grace – A clear glass of water


Does the Bible clearly teach that we receive eternal life by grace, as a gift, through faith, apart from any works?  Yes!  It is a clear glass of water.... Read full article

Tell Your Story


Tell your story. A business woman and romantic at heart finds a second chance at life through the saving power of Jesus.... Read full article

“Tell Your Story”


"We serve the homeless community in downtown San Antonio every Saturday night. After my first night of volunteering, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to do more. I felt a real connection between myself and our less fortunate brothers and sisters. ... Read full article

The community’s emergency room for life’s crises


Christian Assistance Ministry: The community’s emergency room CAM shares the love of Christ in immediate ways for people in crisis.... Read full article

Offering life-giving women’s health options


Life Choices: Offering life-giving women’s health options Unplanned pregnancy? Life choices is a fantastic option; they exist to give the best care possible.... Read full article