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See A Bright Future with Bracken Christian School


One of the accepted benefits of private school is that they provide exceptional and challenging educational experiences. Bracken Christian School delivers on every front.... Read full article

ONE invites everyone to hear God’s voice and to their luncheon with William Paul Young


ONE is connecting people to God. ONE is seeing miracles happen almost every day. To celebrate, they are inviting you to a special event.... Read full article

“Tell Your Story” Faith and Work, Mr. W Fireworks


With the Mr. W Fireworks family company at risk, Vice President Kelley Martinez started a prayer event called, “Work as a Family, Pray as a Family.” It was meant to encourage employees and their families to come together to pray for the business and... Read full article

Tell Your Story


Tell your story. A business woman and romantic at heart finds a second chance at life through the saving power of Jesus.... Read full article

Rest at a High Rate of Speed

by Mike Sharrow on

Rest at a high rate of speed I was given my first significant corporate opportunity to build out a new department and set of enterprises programs to support a multi-billion-dollar initiative. This was my break! The stakes were high, timeline fixed b... Read full article

Karsten Battles Named First Team U.S. Army All-American


Football specialty players such as long snappers often fly under the radar.  In addition to playing a crucial role on their high school teams, they go above and beyond to finely tune their skills.  They travel across the state and nation to attend ca... Read full article

More than a gym membership. YMCA keeps up with the times, kids’ needs


YMCA: Keeping up with the times, kids’ needs The longevity of the “Y” promotes the longevity of our community in customized ways.... Read full article

A safe haven for those who choose life for their unborn


The Sanctuary of Hope (SOH) is the result of a life-long dream of Pastor John Hagee, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church. It is a home for young women, ages 12 through 23, who are faced with difficult life-changing decisions concerning their pregnanc... Read full article

Huge Turnout for 'Facing Darkness' Movie


FACING DARKNESS—the gripping, award-winning documentary of the Samaritan’s Purse organization’s race to rescue two of its medical workers stricken with Ebola—took in $1.2 million at the box office for its March 30 one-night, nationwide screening thro... Read full article

The devil is a thief – is he stealing from your church?

by Lee Ann Crockett on

It was 2017 when I received a call from a Pastor inquiring about my bookkeeping business. At that time, I was serving a wide variety of businesses. I knew from the tenor of his voice that there was something wrong.... Read full article