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Weekend Food. Kids are Hungry in our Community.


Most of us look forward to weekends, anticipating family fun – backyard barbecues, soccer games and Little League, It’s hard to comprehend that for many children in San Antonio, weekends represent a food desert, with uncertainty about whether they w... Read full article

Hey Churches, Let’s Tackle The Foster Care Crisis


November is National Orphan Month. What a better time to fulfill our Biblical call to care for the orphan. South Texas Alliance for Orphans is bridging the gap between the church community and the overburdened foster care system so that children in f... Read full article

Reaching the Youth. One Small Step of Faith… and A Ministry is Birthed


When we respond to God’s call to make a difference, He meets us there and miraculous events take place. Read about a local couple that has experienced the redemptive power of the gospel that changes both the spiritual and physical realms of a communi... Read full article