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This Christmas – 8 Ways To Multiply Your Gift.

Eight featured San Antonio ministries are committed to outreach events and sharing gifts with those who need to know they are not forgotten or alone. San Antonio Beacon’s ministry arm, Transformation, provides churches and individuals eight ways to multiply their Christmas giving to show Christ’s love and hope.

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Faith @Work – Investing Your Life or Spending It?
For over 30 years, Biblical Leadership for Excellence (BLE)
has helped and trained thousands from all walks of life in San Antonio and beyond
learn to authentically integrate faith and the hope of the Gospel into their
God-ordained every day workplaces.



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Tune in to our new Beacon Radio show Saturdays at noon on KSLR AM630. Steve Teel hosts local and national difference makers who will share their stories and insights to give you hope, inspiration, and change. Steve is the pastor of Momentum Bible Church, author, and founder of Very Bold Ministries. Please contact him at: