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ONE: True Healing through Prayer and Community.
If you drive to a little home on West Olmos Drive located six minutes from the Alamo Quarry Market, you’ll find a place of quiet, rest and connection – and maybe even a miracle. When you enter, you might be offered coffee or green tea, smell the scented candles and hear soft strains of Lauren Daigle singing, “When I can’t stand, you carry me…”

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NO PLACE LEFT: The Largest Church You’ve Never Heard Of.
With hundreds of thousands of house churches across 65 countries, countless people reached and coming to Christ, and not a single “staff leader with a title,” No Place Left is one of the largest, fastest growing, non-traditional church networks in the world.

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Third Coast Kitchen

Third Coast Kitchen



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Girls Learn Womanhood, Love and Purity.
Raising girls in an age where anything goes can be challenging. Two sisters respond to God’s call on their lives to turn the tide by equipping teens and young women in God’s ways regarding courtship and romance. Introducing GirlDefined Ministries. Authors of three books, they are fighting a war against Hollywood and the lies about romance, dating and marriage. It seems they are winning!

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Frank Dunn Realtor.

Frank Dunn Realtor



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Hey Churches, Let's Tackle the Foster Care Crisis.
November is National Orphan Month. What a better time to fulfill our Biblical call to care for the orphan. South Texas Alliance for Orphans is bridging the gap between the church community and the overburdened foster care system so that children in foster care can receive the help they desperately need.

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Rolle & Associates.

Rolle & Associates



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Reaching the Youth in our Community.
When we respond to God’s call to make a difference, He meets us there and miraculous events take place. Read about a local couple that has experienced the redemptive power of the gospel that changes both the spiritual and physical realms of a community and their ongoing efforts to transform the next generation. Learn more about Mark Lugo Ministries.

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Mr. W Fireworks.

Mr. W Fireworks





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Filling Critical Need for Foster & Adoptive Families
Chosen Care seeks to ensure foster child placement and decrease failed adoption placements. To stop the bleeding not easily seen from the outside. Families who have been helped by Chosen Care tend to continue with their child’s placement and healing.

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PulmonAir, Inspiring Innovation.

PulmonAir Inspiring Innovation



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Dream Center – Loving and Touching People.
THE CHRISTMAS SEASON brings the hope of a warm house, filled with families sharing a hot meal, memories and good tidings for the coming year. The season also proves difficult for many others who are facing loss, spiritual darkness, disease or financial distress. One local non-profit The Dream Center is making its mission to spark hope.

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An Anonymous Partner.



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Any Woman Can Offers Hope, Health and Christ.
Always there for younger women in crisis since 2013, Any Woman Can expanded services to assist women of all ages coping with life-challenges, a current crisis or a previous trauma. Counselors teach coping skills to help women recover and overcome life’s hurtles.

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Trinidad Realty Partners.

Trinidad Realty Partners




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Providence Place Returns to Their Roots.
Formerly a brothel in downtown San Antonio, Providence Place owner Madame Volino was inspired to transform her business into a home for wayward girls. Plot twists and transformation define the beginning and journey of what Providence Place has become today.

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Faith @Work — Investing Your Life or Spending It?
For over 30 years, Biblical Leadership for Excellence (BLE) has helped and trained thousands from all walks of life in San Antonio and beyond learn to authentically integrate faith and the hope of the Gospel into their God-ordained every day workplaces.

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An Anonymous Partner.



Visit Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio @

Giving Voice to Hungry Kids in San Antonio.
For over 30 years, Every day of the year, including Christmas day, kids and their parents face uncertainty about whether they will have enough to eat. Snack Pak 4 Kids (SP4KSA) is stepping in to provide food to thousands of local children.

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An Anonymous Partner.


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